Immersion TouchSense Design Cloud Creates Mobile Video Haptics

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Immersion TouchSense Design Cloud is a new web environment and one of the first haptic design toolkits for designers and editors who want to efficiently create tactile effects for mobile video. Currently in beta, TouchSense Design Cloud includes tools and resources needed to design, iterate and share haptified video projects.

With this product, designers have specific haptic monitoring tools that help create their custom tactile effects, and then feel them through a connected Android device. TouchSense Design Cloud makes it possible to iterate and share designs quickly. After designing the tactile effects in TouchSense Design Cloud, designers and editors can export haptic files that can be played with video content.

The tool's collaboration capabilities support creative iteration and management of multiple ongoing haptic projects simultaneously. When the design work is complete, they can share these projects with stakeholders to give them the complete audio, video and haptic enabled experience on Android devices through their mobile browsers.

Immersion says that when designers think about creating and editing content, they think about video and audio, but can also benefit from creating for the sense of touch at the same time. TouchSense Design Cloud is intended to add another dimension to the creation process making it possible to design visuals, sound and touch together, resulting in a more immersive experience for mobile devices with greater impact on sentiment and brand recall.  

Following the beta phase, the full version of the tool will be released later in 2016.