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DI4D’s New Head-Mounted Camera Captures Natural Facial Motion

The new DI4D Head-Mounted Camera is optimised for high-fidelity 4D facial performance capture. 4D is DI4D’s stereo photogrammetry system that captures an actor’s facial performance with two cameras on a proprietary DI4D head-mounted camera (HMC) rig. DI4D’s…
April 24, 2021
Xsens MVN Analyse dance
Animation Editor

Xsens MotionCloud Opens the Door to Remote Mocap Production

Xsens MotionCloud platform is a new service that connects the Xsens user-base with cloud computing, opening up rapid cloud-based processing and automatic Xsens MVN reporting. It also gives Xsens’ tools a more affordable price model, giving a wider range of…
April 07, 2021
Passion freefire
Animation Editor

Passion Pictures and FableFX Illuminate Entries at AEAF

It’s time to enter your team’s greatest new work from the past year. AEAF Awards has more than 20 categories for digital work of all genres, 2D and 3D animation, visual effects for movies TV and commercials, motion graphics, VR, AR and more. See the Entry…
April 05, 2021
iPi UE NewDiscoveryVRProject2
Animation Editor

iPi Soft Develops Real-Time Integration for iPi Mocap and Unreal Engine

By Sean Young iPi Soft has upgraded their markerless iPi Motion Capture system to support the Unreal Engine development tools for real time content creation. The updates include a new plug-in that allows real-time motion tracking, motion transfer to 3D…
March 30, 2021
12field digistor strange chores2
Animation Editor

12field Animation and Digistor Design Remote 2D Production Pipeline

12field Animation in Melbourne specialises in creating long form 2D character animation, including children’s TV series such as ‘Little J & Big Cuz’ for NITV and the ABC, and ‘The Strange Chores’ for the ABC. Early last year, as work got underway on these two…
March 20, 2021
Animation Editor

DI4D PURE4D Captures Precise Facial Performances for Game Engines

DI4D, a specialist in performance-driven facial animation services, has launched a new service called PURE4D, a precise pipeline for digital double facial animation. PURE4D combines their existing DI4D PRO service and head-mounted camera (HMC) service with…
March 16, 2021
Animation Editor

Bento Box Entertainment to Partner with Princess Pictures in Australia

Bob’s Burgers © Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation Animation studio Bento Box Entertainment, owned by Fox Entertainment, and Australian television and film production company Princess Pictures are partnering to form Princess Bento Studio, a new animation…
March 12, 2021
ARC DOC disco3
Animation Editor

Arcturus and DOCOMO Telecom Bring Volumetric Video to 5G Mobile

Arcturus is the developer behind the post-production platform HoloSuite, software tools for creating, editing and distributing volumetric video of digital humans. The company’s founders are artists and developers devoted to storytelling innovation, and come…
March 01, 2021
DNEG gatsby poster2
Animation Editor

DNEG to Help Develop ‘The Great Gatsby’ into an Animated Film

By Sean Young Oscar-winning filmmaker, writer and illustrator William Joyce has joined forces with novelist, screenwriter and illustrator Brian Selznick and animation studio DNEG Feature Animation to develop an entirely new adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s…
February 15, 2021
Animal logic OZ
Animation Editor

Animal Logic and Warner Bros. Partner on New Musical ‘Toto’

Animal Logic has confirmed that the feature musical adaptation of ‘Toto: The Dog-Gone Amazing Story of the Wizard of Oz’ will be the next project produced at their animation studio in Vancouver. The family film will attract audiences of all ages and Toto will…
February 05, 2021
ALE screenplay comp
Animation Editor

Animal Logic Entertainment Announces Screenplay Competition Winner

Animal Logic Entertainment (ALE) is pleased to announce the winner and two runner-up finalists of their inaugural Screenplay Competition specialised in family entertainment. From over a hundred entries across Australia, it was the imaginative storytelling of…
January 09, 2021
Digital domain charlatan Beckham BTS2
Animation Editor

Digital Domain Ages David Beckham in Campaign Against Malaria

By Sean Young ‘Malaria Must Die, So Millions Can Live’ is a global campaign from the charity Malaria No More UK, supported by a number of organisations and celebrities who have joined the fight against malaria and want to encourage strong political action to…
December 28, 2020
KeenTools facebuilder blender low poly 01
Animation Editor

KeenTools Adds FACS Blendshapes and New Topology for Facial Animators

FaceBuilder's new low-poly resolution KeenTools FaceBuilder now has built-in FACS blendshapes for head animation, and Live Link Face app support for importing recorded facial expressions. The topology is corrected for symmetry and has three different…

Axis Studios Flexes its Pipeline on the AWS Cloud

Oct 30, 2020 5932
AWS Axis bristol
Animation and visual effects company Axis Studios creates commissioned and original…

Narina Sokolova Sets the Stage for Animated Storytellers

Oct 20, 2020 4084
Narina sokolova mickey bottle shock
Narina Sokolova is a background painter, creating the worlds for animated series and…

ftrack Unreal Engine and Unity Plugins Track Real-time Projects Natively

Oct 18, 2020 4876
ftrack UE4 studio4
ftrack plug-in for Unreal Engine - importing assets into ftrack. ftrack has released…

Digital Domain Teaches Digital Characters How to be More Human

Oct 12, 2020 4297
Digital domain Masquerade 2 0 doug mesh
In September, Digital Domain announced that Masquerade 2.0, the next version of its…

Vicon and Rokoko Develop Smarter, Simpler Systems for VR Experiences

Oct 01, 2020 4118
Vicon Rokoko vr exp3
Software developers at Vicon and Rokoko are making it simpler to turn real performances…

ReDefine Montreal Appoints Corey Smith as Creative Supervisor

Sep 14, 2020 4742
ReDefine DNEG ReDefine Corey Smith2
'Meet the Robinsons' ReDefine animation and visual effects services company has appointed…

Cinema 4D Tunes Up Character Animation Tools, Integrates Magic Bullet

Sep 10, 2020 8480
Cinema4d Tendril Splash C4D R23
Maxon updated Cinema 4D’s animation and UV workflows, extended character animation tools…

Weta Digital Launches ‘Weta Animated’ to Produce Original Content

Jun 20, 2020 4132
Weta digital
Weta Digital Launches ‘Weta Animated’ to Produce Original Content Weta Digital will begin…

Cinesite’s Management Team Grows with Three Animation and VFX Hires

Jun 15, 2020 3533
Cinesite new managers2
Cinesite’s Management Team Grows with Three Animation and VFX Hires Cinesite announced…

Riot Games and Pixotope Go Live to Augment LPL Pro League Finals

May 25, 2020 5456
Riot future league legends6
Riot Games and Pixotope Go Live to Augment LPL Pro League Finals Riot Games wanted to add…

Illustrators Bridging 3D Animation and Medical Science

May 18, 2020 4784
Falconieri DNA dblStrandBreak smWatermark
Illustrators Bridging 3D Animation and Medical Science Veronica Falconieri Hays is a…

Faceware Studio Matches Animation to Live Performance in Real Time

May 12, 2020 3218
FacewareStudio PR 03
Faceware Studio Matches Animation to Live Performance in Real Time Faceware Studio is a…