DMW Awards Merit


CATEGORY:  Streaming - OTT/IPTV systems



Many video content providers and operators with ABR streaming services center their business model around ad viewing. Yet, advanced ad blocking technology today enables viewers to block ads, impacting the revenue of content providers and their capability to invest in producing high-value content.

Broadpeak’s BkYou personalized ad insertion and ad-skipping management solution is perfect for operators and video content providers that want to eliminate ad blocking for VOD content and manage ad-skipping policies with a high level of flexibility.

Ad blockers typically rely on one of the following techniques to trigger ad blocking:
• detect and intercept an event sent to the player that is in charge of inserting the ad
• analyze the naming of chunks to detect the ad and block it.

Broadpeak’s ad insertion solution is robust against these two techniques. Being a server-based solution, it does not necessitate that catchable events are sent and it hides the names of the chunks, making it impossible to differentiate the video content from the ad content.
Supporting content in a wide range of adaptive bitrate streaming formats (including HLS, MPEG-DASH and CMAF), Broadpeak’s BkYou maximizes monetization opportunities for operators and content providers, enabling them to be more competitive in the video streaming environment.

Broadpeak’s ad insertion solution is a game changer for the video streaming world, offering several unique features and benefits for operators and video content owners that increase their monetization and streamline the delivery of ads within ABR content:
• Server-side ad insertion ensures better resistance to ad blockers: Broadpeak’s solution is based on the manipulation of playlists on the server vs. the behavior of players. In addition to allowing the usage of various players without specific implementations, this approach offers a superior approach to resisting ad blockers compared with purely player-based solutions that need to react to detectable events (i.e., events that are used by ad blockers to detect the ads to skip).
• Innovative obfuscation technology for blending content: Broadpeak’s solution implements an obfuscation method to blend video and ad content, preventing detectors from blocking ads based on the chunk names.
• Advanced ad tracking: Broadpeak’s solution features ad tracking capabilities that not only identify the completion rate for ad viewing but also can stop streaming if abnormal behavior, such as the usage of an ad blocker, is detected.
• High scalability, fast startup time: Broadpeak’s solution is highly scalable and does not introduce any delay, offering a short start-up time for end users compared with solutions that rely on content reencoding, another method for blending video and ad content.
• Simplified ad management: Broadpeak’s solution offers a flexible approach for managing ad skipping. From the server level, it determines whether ad skipping is permitted based on the content, the portion of the ad already watched or the viewer profile (i.e., whether it is a premium account, for example).