DMW Awards Finalist




Virtualisation - Infrastructure

The PMZ hypervisor is an infrastructure virtualization solution designed with the needs of OB trucks and flypack units in mind. The PMZ allows production teams to transform their backend tools into virtual machines running on a robust and compact platform for higher production agility, reduced costs and space optimization.

The HCI architecture and software-defined storage of the PMZ allow OBs to respond quicker to the continuously changing demands of their customers. They can easily scale up for more processing power and change workflows from one event to the next without the need for additional physical setup.

Additionally, the solution considerably reduces production costs. Teams no longer need to invest in purpose-built hardware; they can roll out different applications from a single platform depending on the requirements of each production. Costs linked to rack space and power usage are also reduced and heat and noise that comes from hardware machines are lowered, helping improve the working conditions for operators in these high-pressure environments.

As a ready-to-use platform, the PMZ provides quick and hassle-free deployment of new workflows between productions, while making the best use of valuable space in mobile setups.