DMW Awards Merit


CATEGORY: Post Production - Delivery




The Helmut suite of software solutions empowers Adobe users of Premiere Pro and Media Encoder by simplifying production management and streamlining working processes in an enterprise level environment. Adding a layer of control and automation, Helmut manages a broad range of administrative and organizational tasks, communicating with third-party systems (ingest, archive, backup, MAM, PAM, etc.) to reduce complexity and improve workflows, so editors have more time to focus on the creative aspects of production. Broadcasting organisations and production houses have recognised that this easy-to-install, user-friendly management tool can help them to significantly streamline and optimise complex processes.

In contrast to the typical approach, where workflows are adapted to the software, the Helmut solution node based orchestration tool actually adapts to the workflow. The core of the software has been deliberately designed with a small number of functions that are used in every production environment. Expansion modules are available that allow the software to be adapted to customer-specific requirements. This approach creates maximum flexibility and secures the value of the original investment. Helmut enables facilities to migrate from one NLE such as Avid Media composer Ultimatte to Premiere Pro without losing valuable workflow capabilities.