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EditShare QScan AQC (Automated Quality Check) Comparative Analysis Technology 

CATEGORY: Post Production - QC/QA




Deliverable requirements are different in different geo locations. But how do check if the same content being delivered in a myriad of different codecs, meeting strict delivery specifications? QScan Comparative Analysis is a first of its kind solution in the AQC space. While other solutions only analyze single files in isolation, QScan Comparative Analysis shows the relationship between up to four different revisions of the same file and can show these differences along a timeline view for even easier review; clients can review multiple different QC deliverables and compare side by side. The business benefits of QScan Comparative Analysis are quickly realized. By providing context around the changes made to a file after testing, creatives are able to minimize the time spent confirming that the file is ready for delivery. At a glance, users can see what changes were made to the file compared to the original; the timeline view gives additional context on when changes were made. With ever tightening deadlines, QScan Comparative Analysis helps creatives hand off multiple deliverables of the same final project with confidence, increasing output and efficiency.