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EditShare EFS 2020

CATEGORY: Post Production - Storage



Production - Storage\Digital Asset Management

EFS 2020 is EditShare’s next-generation file system and management console designed for creative collaboration environments. Featuring a number of key advancements including improved  speed and increased security features, EFS 2020 helps customers effortlessly manage the growing requirements for high-bandwidth, multi-stream 4K workflows and beyond. The latest release offers an improved, fast and flexible collaborative storage space with an increase in throughput performance of up to 20%,all within a single namespace. To the engineers who manage it, EFS 2020 offers a scalable, stable and incredibly secure media storage platform. For IT managers, it offers an enhanced and programmable REST API enabling them to automate mundane administrative tasks such as account and project creation along with user privileges. EFS 2020 also manages tiered storage environments from on-line to nearline, enabling facilities to move content effortlessly between parking storage and high speed media storage
Unlike generic IT storage systems, EditShare has written its own ultra-efficient drivers for EFS, and are available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. EditShare manages the entire EFS 2020 technology stack from the file system to OS drivers, meaning enterprise-level stability, removal of IP packet loss through standard protocols whilst delivering faster video file transfers. This is the industry’s only solution to provide no single point of failure all the way from client workstations through to the media engineered  servers.

EFS 2020 File Auditing is the first and only real-time purpose-built content auditing platform for the entire production workflow. With high-profile media content theft on the rise, security is top of mind for media professionals. Designed to track all content movement on the server, including a deliberately obscured change, EFS 2020 File Auditing provides a complete, user-friendly activity report with a detailed trail back to the instigator. An important and timely addition to the EditShare production ecosystem, file auditing is an industry recommended and best practice security measure that ensures accountability by answering “who did what and when.”