DMS Panther Online



Post Production - Delivery

Built for film marketers and publicists, Panther Online is a secure cloud-based streaming and media asset management platform. Developed by DMS, a creative digital agency with years of experience producing, creating and delivering promotional content for international film studios and brands. Panther Online is used across the film industry and is an important cog in the film marketing machine, using the power of creative media assets to aid in the promotion of independent and international features.

Panther Online

Panther Online V4 has evolved to become a secure asset management system, originally developed nine years ago, when physical tape was used industry-wide and hand-delivered. Panther Online was one of the first online systems that delivered Electronic Press Kits (EPKs) - including film trailers, print posters and general promotional material - to broadcasters, journalists and marketers. Promotional assets are uploaded to Panther Online by the film studios and DMS teams, where journalists and marketers can access and download the EPKs through direct logins and bespoke FTPs, following mail blasts that have notified them of the new content available on the platform. The system has been built with ease of use in mind and inspired by online shopping platforms, a single hub for users to access industry-wide promotional content - streamlining workflow to enable quick and simple access to the assets.


The success of a film is dependent on its marketing activity. Film marketers need to push content across multiple social and media platforms to the target audience, in different countries. The original version (OV) sent from the studios must be re-versioned, translated and edited to follow territory laws and regulations. To date, Panther Online has managed over 17618 assets that have been delivered across 117 campaigns in 2019. Due to the highly sensitive nature of the content, the time of release is hugely important, so Panther has been developed to be simple and easily accessible – featuring simple filing and labelling indexing for clarity. With less than 24 hours before release, studios upload the OVs for DMS’ specialist creative and localisation teams to reversion and reformat, before it’s uploaded. Using Panther via unique login credentials, territories choose and order the content for their relevant platforms, such as 16:9 YouTube trailers in Spanish or 1:1 Instagram posts in French, where it can be immediately available in time for the world release.

Secure Streaming

Panther Secure Streaming (PSS) enables the secure streaming of feature films for industry reviews and awards. Part of the marketing campaign, studios send out private screeners to journalists and members of industry bodies for the likes of British film awards, BAFTA and BIFA. Prior to secure streaming, screeners were sent out in the post, with the risk of being stolen and bootlegged. The secure cloud platform enables private screenings with unique watermarks, to stop the industry from losing money and causing high-profile leaks – an embarrassment for the relevant film studios. Panther Online is fully integrated, so users such as journalists are also given access to EPKs, so have all the promotional material needed for a review article.

Integrated Service and Support

The platform enables quick, regulated and secure access to sensitive assets in varying formats, built on Microsoft Azure. Part of the Trusted Partner Network (TPN), a joint venture between the Motion Picture Association (MPA) and the Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA), DMS is a production facility approved by FACT, the brand protection & anti-piracy service. A highly secure cloud platform, assets can be streamed or downloaded from anywhere in the world, dependent upon access rights and job title – all regulated by DMS’ client services teams, based in the UK, US and Australia. Panther Online includes a full end to end customer service, featuring technical and regulated asset management support, including quality control and tight security protocols to meet film studios’ requirements.