DI4D Captures Super High Fidelity Facial Performance for VFX

DI4D Facial Performance Capture

At SIGGRAPH 2017, facial performance capture company DI4D is showing their proprietary facial motion scanning system. The system is capable of capturing 4D data, comprising video rate and 3D surface scans tracked with a dense fixed topology mesh. DI4D’s system does not require markers, make-up or structured light, but results in very high fidelity facial motion capture data by faithfully recording every nuance of an actor’s facial performance.

Using a DI4D PRO system employing with nine 12-megapixel synchronised video cameras, the company has been able to capture higher fidelity 4D data than they have previously.
CEO of DI4D Dr Colin Urquhart said, “We always try to present something new and exciting at SIGGRAPH. This time, we have increased the resolution of the cameras used on one of our DI4D PRO systems from 3 to 12 megapixels, and updated our 4D processing and mesh tracking software. As a result we can capture much higher fidelity data and track denser meshes than with the existing system, enough to satisfy the VFX requirements of very demanding movie projects.”
The company is also demonstrating the use of DI4D data in virtual reality for the first time at SIGGRAPH. Colin said VR is an excellent medium with which to experience the level of detail of facial performance they are now able to capture. www.di4d.com