Autodesk RADiCAL mocap

Autodesk has invested in RADiCAL, developers of cloud-based, AI-powered 3D motion capture. Through its collaborative real-time platform, RADiCAL makes 3D mocap, human virtualisation and analysis widely available. RADiCAL’s proprietary AI approach from a single conventional video feed. The data generated can be used to automate the animation of 3D characters and avatars in applications ranging from video production to building metaverse environments.
Using RADiCAL’s cloud-based software does not require specific hardware, training or custom coding, which are typical barriers to entry associated with 3D motion capture and character animation. The tools are accessible to everyone, at any time. Aspiring animators can take advantage of its AI engine to start creating effective animated characters and, in the process, hone their skills for more advanced 3D animation work.
“We have deep roots in media and entertainment technology development, and many of us are long- time users of tools like Maya and 3ds Max,” said Gavan Gravesen, founder & CEO, RADiCAL. “This investment will help us expand the capabilities of our AI, scale our cloud infrastructure, and improve collaborative editorial features for the film, television and games markets.” 

Autodesk RADiCAL Group 25

Currently, content creators use RADiCAL to incorporate motion capture into their projects on a large scale. The investment from Autodesk is expected to fund RADICAL’s efforts to continue developing its AI engine to serve a growing community, and support professional animation and VFX workflows. Its customers include include facilities and educational institutions such as Aircards, Surreal Events, Savannah College of Art & Design, Full Sail University and others

Customisable, web-based virtual event platform, Surreal Events, incorporates real time avatars into its projects using RADiCAL. "Platform presenters need to engage with a live audience as if they were physically onsite,” said Nick Grant, co-founder and chief product officer, Surreal. “RADiCAL also gives Surreal users dynamic control of avatar movement using only a single web camera. Likewise, capturing animation data at a user’s location allows the user to control their own animations in real time, and optimises interactions that enhance the overall Surreal experience.”  

This investment continues Autodesk’s efforts to shift end-to-end production functionality to the cloud for content creators, and builds on the recent acquisitions of Moxion and Tangent Labs LoUPE. Moxion, dailies and content review platform, built and maintained in the cloud, is used to view footage almost immediately after capture, complete with metadata. LoUPE is a cloud-based animation production pipeline for managing, collaborating, reviewing and rendering media assets in one central place in the cloud.