Xsens MVN Studio Gains Mobile and Full Wi-Fi Connection

Xsens MVN Studio 4 3

A new update to Xsens’ data analysis MVN Studio software helps make motion capture more mobile, by using the software on an ordinary Wi-Fi network and a mobile device. When used with Xsens MVN or MVN BIOMECH suits and trackers, the updated software allows users to transmit data from connected locations, and use a mobile device to control the recording.

Xsens MVN Studio 4 35

Motion capture data can be sent to any computer running MVN Studio on the same network, while the user can move about as required within range of their signal, inside or out. For the controls, version 4.3 also has a new app that works with iOS and Android mobile devices. After accessing the MVN Remote app on their device, users can start and stop the recordings being transmitted to their workstation over Wi-Fi. Instant avatar previews make visualizing intended motions faster, and remove the need to confine a project to a specific area.      www.xsens.com