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DMW Awards Featured Entries

Lawo 1

vm_dmv Distributed Multiviewer (underlying Cluster Processing technology)

Product: vm_dmv Distributed Multiviewer (underlying Cluster Processing technology) Lawo three-media.tv CATEGORY Production - Processing Private Broadcast Cluster Computing with Lawo’s V__matrix vm_dmv Distributed Multiviewer With the vm_dmv Distributed…
HyperStore Xtreme Diagram

HyperStore® Xtreme Powered by Seagate

Product: HyperStore® Xtreme Powered by Seagate Cloudian cloudian.com CATEGORY Storage As consumer demand for new formats such as 4K, 360 degree, and 60 frame video continues to accelerate, the impact on the storage infrastructure required to capture, process,…


Product: XEN:Pipeline Three Media three-media.tv CATEGORY Production - Digital Asset Management XEN: Pipeline is a powerful, highly automated system for media discovery, content management and preparation, metadata capture and management, content assembly,…
Mediornet Micron

MediorNet MicroN

Product: Mediornet Micron Company: Riedel Communications mediaproxy.com CATEGORY IP Broadcast Solutions - Distribution MediorNet MicroN is software-enabled, app-based hardware that canbe many different things: It can be a throw-down signal processor, asimple…


LogServer Product: LogServer Company: Mediaproxy mediaproxy.com CATEGORY IP Broadcast Solutions - Switching, routing, monitoring Since 2001, hundreds of engineers around the globe, rely daily on Mediaproxy’s unified software solutions for 24/7 monitoring,…

Editshare flow group story

The Digital Media Awards are open to software and hardware vendors and service providers who serve the content creation, delivery and management markets for broadcast and all forms of screened content. Entries are invited for products, services and solutions that are innovative, push the boundaries and help create new ways of working and forge new markets.

The annual Digital Media World Awards are given to companies that have pushed forward the opportunities, techniques and possibilities of media creation, delivery and management through their products and services.

Entering is simple and the rewards of being a winner include recognition by your industry peers, customers and suppliers. Entries will be judged by a selected panel of digital media, technology and broadcast professionals from around the world, and the editorial team of Digital Media World.

ENTRY DEADLINE 15 November 2019
Products, services and solutions that are available to order and ship to customers from 1 November 2018 - 15 November 2019.

Winners of the Digital Media Awards will be announced on 14 December 2019. ENTRY FORM

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