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Cloud Infrastructures - Delivery

Blackbird is the industry's fastest, most powerful cloud video editing and distribution platform.

Blackbird provides rapid access to live and non-live streams for the creation of clips and highlights to multiple devices and platforms including web, broadcast, OTT and social (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter.

Blackbird drives awareness, engagement and reach for brands – as well as delivers significant content monetization opportunities.

Blackbird's key benefits include:

Fast clipping and editing-
An ultra-efficient workflow for delivering content to consumers. Edit seconds after live in a browser on any device from anywhere.

Drive engagement and customer growth-
Publish content to multiple platforms including social (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch), web, broadcast and OTT. Dramatically increase brand reach and premium content up-sell opportunities.

Improve content quality-
An end-to-end workflow designed specifically to optimise the quality of your content output and maximise the perception of your brand.

Enrich output-
Add automated overlays and stings, captioning, emojis, handles and much more to enhance your content.

Control and monetize content-
Apply restrictions to the use and re-sharing of your valuable content and monetize your content effectively.

Blackbird use cases include:

- Australian National Rugby League turns to Blackbird to drive brand reach, engagement and monetization
- From edit room to edit and roam – Blackbird delivers major workflow efficiencies at A+E Networks
- The Buffalo Bills deliver content from live to fans in seconds with Blackbird
- Esports leader, Gfinity, increases fan engagement and content monetization with Blackbird
- Deltatre deploys Blackbird to rapidly deliver European Tour highlights to media partners and social
- Blackbird and TownNews power digital news production
- Fitness technology giant, Peloton, uses Blackbird to edit all its on-demand videos
- Buffalo Sabres deploy Blackbird for ultra-fast content delivery to fans online
- The R&A and IMG use Blackbird to deliver rapid and engaging content at The 148th Open