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AWS Elemental Link UHD

Video Processing

AWS Elemental Link UHD is a High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) encoding device that connects a live ultra-high definition (UHD) video source, like a camera or other video production equipment, to AWS Elemental MediaLive for video processing in the AWS cloud. It's fast and easy to set up and ships fully configured to the user's AWS Account. They simply connect the device to power, an IP network, and an SDI or HDMI video source. Once connected, video is automatically available in the user's MediaLive console in less than a minute, and ready to stream to viewers. Devices are controlled and monitored remotely using the AWS MediaLive console.

Customers like GLO, Sherpa Digital, MediaKnit, Blaze Streaming Media, Streamly,, and Spiritland Productions have taken advantage of Link HD’s high video quality, and fast and easy setup, for a wide variety of streaming applications from enterprise events, live sports and music, fitness classes, and even live surgery to train medical professionals. AWS Elemental Link UHD takes all of the Link HD features and adds high performance HEVC encoding capability for UHD (4K 2160p60) video feeds. Link UHD supports up to 10 bit contribution, so that users can a create high dynamic range (HDR) outputs including HDR 10 and HLG in their MediaLive channels to delight audiences with brilliant video picture quality.