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Postlab for Media Composer

Post Production

Postlab now has full support for Media Composer. The cloud-native platform brings collaborative remote editing workflows to Avid editors. Postlab for Media Composer becomes an extension to existing Nexis or other Avid-compatible NAS/SAN storage, or can be used on its own for an exclusively cloud-based facility. Eliminating cumbersome access gateways and high latency typically associated with cloud-media workflows, Postlab for Media Composer provides a smooth and fluid editing experience, even with limited bandwidth. Flexible monthly plans allow post facilities and media businesses to use Postlab without upfront commitment, and scale and shrink team sizes when needed.

Postlab for Media Composer is intrinsically secure and doesn't require slow and hard-to-configure VPNs, allowing editors to begin working immediately from anywhere. It keeps workspaces in sync, ensuring on-premise storage (NEXIS and third-party NAS/SAN) is always synchronised with Postlab Drive.

By retaining the familiar ‘workspace’ workflow, including bin locking, Postlab for Media Composer doesn’t need training, and guarantees secure collaboration and full productivity when working from home, on the road or in the local cafe.

Postlab for Media Composer coordinates media and metadata via the cloud, allowing users across the globe to work together on projects in real time. For slower connections, relevant media is cached on users’ workstations for a responsive editing experience. Postlab for Media Composer continually exchanges metadata in the background to keep all bins and media within production in sync. It makes Avid's incredibly useful Bin Locking feature available in the cloud, so users can collaborate on projects without overwriting each other's work - a crucial component of any workflow, on-premise or hybrid.

Postlab for Media Composer makes it easy for facilities to predict costs, scale resources on the fly, and maximise the investment in their Avid NEXIS or NAS/SAN-based storage solution for a small incremental outlay.

The pandemic had a dramatic effect on the media industry. Employers have reduced their office space, while creative professionals have embraced the freedom and flexibility of working remotely.

Being able to edit inside your usual workspaces wherever you are, and with familiar tools, is no longer merely 'nice to have' but an absolute necessity.

Postlab for Media Composer gives editors a familiar “facility” experience everywhere. It delivers incredible freedom and flexibility for editors and a way for facility owners to get more from their investment in on-premise NEXIS or Avid-compatible NAS/SAN storage.
Media Composer editors now have a new way to work remotely and collaboratively. Democratising workflows has always been a priority at Hedge, and it brings an immediate benefit to Avid users who chose this new option.

Postlab for Media Composer is a cloud-driven environment for editors that is easy to set up, fluid, fast and smooth to use, secure, and affordable, functioning as if it's a local shared workspace. It acts just like you have fast storage connected in your own facility. What’s more, it has all the collaborative functionality built in as well. It’s exactly what’s needed for today’s unpredictable business environment.