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Media and Entertainment companies are delivering more content, through more platforms, in more format versions than ever before. Robust storage solutions can manage the growth of unstructured data, making it easy to scale and readily accessible throughout the media chain. Storage is essential for content acquisition, archiving, editing, digital preservation, as well as broadcast, digital cinema, satellite, cable, internet, network, VOD, and OTT distribution.

MediaKind’s Video Storage and Processing Platform (VSPP) enables service providers to deliver a full range of next-generation TV services quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Built on a simplified, componentised, and scalable architecture, VSPP supports multiple services, networks, and devices, offering massive scale-out and high performance.

In the MVPD and streaming markets, it tackles:

Storage reduction to support more OTT (ABR) based content.

Throughput improvements to reduce latency at the lowest cost impact.

Disaster recovery for seamless consumer experience.

While many competing solutions focus on cloud storage, which certainly has its benefits, these other solutions on the market neglect the operational and economic impacts typically inherent to such solutions. MediaKind’s VSPP is an advancement of the leading Cloud DVR (cDVR)/Origin solution in the market since 2011, reflecting an evolution from the world of MPEG-2/CBR to one where MPEG-4/HEVC/ABR represents the mixed majority.

Rather than multicast ingest of every service in traditional CBR format for traditional STBs and separate ingest of all ABR profiles/layers for OTT devices, VSPP allows CBR and ABR streaming services users to build a unified cluster from a single ABR recorded copy. It, therefore, removes content recording duplication and enables savings on video storage of up to 30%.

VSPP 8.0 is the latest advancement of the solution and features a high-performance scale-out file system that clusters all storage server nodes into a single namespace. The solution leverages a shared resource concept. This means each added VSPP storage-less node contributes its local compute resources to the entire processing power of the VSPP cluster, maximising the deployment efficiency and saving on processing costs and overall server footprint.

VSPP 8.0 also harnesses a geo-redundant self-healing architecture for multiple use cases – including a rolling buffer for replay services, nPVR assets, and archive content – to allow for layers of content protection. The solution extends content durability and availability by providing a continuous streaming experience, even when the original content is corrupted by external (source, network) or internal (hardware or disk failure) factors. VSPP enables recording recovery by using data synchronisation to remove any service impact, for example, in the event of a site failure. This means less service outage and reduced subscriber and viewer churn, ensuring revenues are maintained.

A more recent trend in the M&E industry has been the upward trend of media service providers migrating towards an all-OTT world of mostly bring-your-own retail devices (mobile or fixed, like OTT STBs). This is the essence of the world of ABR video. However, CBR-based video still exists in large amounts worldwide, and the migration to fully-optimised ABR steaming will take time.

VSPP 8.0 allows service providers take advantage of scalable storage and throughput in consumer solutions so that they can meet the needs of an ever-present CBR media environment with a fast-growing and soon to be majority, ABR mobile media world.

By focusing on new innovative ways to reduce recording duplications, VSPP 8.0 is a contemporary solution that enables service providers to reduce storage costs. It simplifies procurement and operations by leveraging various hardware deployments to allow the mixing and matching of different server times to maximize TCO for throughput and storage simultaneously. With its robust and proven capability of offering disaster recovery in real-world deployments, VSPP 8.0 enables service providers to satisfy their customer’s demands and reduce churn in an ever increasing cord-cutting world.