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SDVI Rally Media Supply Chain Platform


SDVI’s Rally media supply chain platform empowers media organizations to thrive in a competitive marketplace by making decisions more quickly, executing more efficiently, and reducing time-to-revenue. It’s a transformational technology that gives these organizations the agility they need to embrace new opportunities, adapt to consumer demand, and provide next-level consumer experiences.As organizations implement the Rally platform, they gain the freedom to rethink the way they work — from content ingest and processing to delivery — and the flexibility to align with new distribution models and new modes of consumption. The benefits go well beyond the inherent advantages of cloud economics and cloud management, though those are significant on their own.

SDVI’s Rally platform gives media organizations unprecedented visibility into the costs associated with every process through the media supply chain.The SDVI Rally media supply chain platform deploys all the applications and infrastructure to create a dynamic, responsive media supply chain. Three key components of Rally — Rally Access, Rally Insight, and Rally Connect — help users to leverage the platform fully.Presented either as a panel in Adobe® Premiere Pro® or in the Rally Gateway interface, Rally Access combines content and metadata on the timeline, guiding users to exactly the right moment and track where content requires their attention. Linking automated supply chain functions and the metadata they produce to the manual tasks they require, Rally Access not only facilitates metadata-assisted content verification and modification, but also helps users work smarter and faster.The Rally Insight data analytics service transforms the immense volume of supply chain data gathered by the Rally platform into actionable intelligence. It enhances media organizations’ ability to extract meaningful information from this massive amount of data by organizing and visualizing all supply chain data into more relevant views.

Custom charting and dashboards create rich visualizations that empower users to spot trends, identify outlier data points, and understand costs and time associated with any media process more quickly. Visualizations can correlate supply chain data (cost, duration, tool usage, etc.) with custom media metadata (title, episode, season, etc.) to provide more relevant results when analyzing specific media-related metrics.The accurate, granular cost and usage data supplied by Rally Insight enables media companies to better understand the true cost of their content preparation, improve accountability with more relevant reporting, and make faster, better-informed decisions about taking on new projects.The Rally Connect content and metadata exchange service simplifies and accelerates the delivery and receipt of content and metadata between business partners in the broader media supply chain. With a library of predefined templates, the service makes it easier for partners to set up ingest or delivery profiles that streamline the movement of content and metadata.

Eliminating duplicate processing and reducing friction across the supply chain, Rally Connect dramatically improves media organizations’ efficiency and agility in bringing content to new platforms.With these capabilities and more, SDVI’s Rally platform fuels technical agility, operational efficiency, and business intelligence. It drives decision-making based on an unprecedented depth of insight into every workflow scenario and process. With its data-centric approach, Rally validates the financial benefits of cloud-based media supply chains and delivers real, quantifiable returns.For one media organization, deployment of Rally solely for content distribution resulted in a 25% reduction in operating costs and a 23% increase in revenue post-acquisition. These cost savings and revenue gains are typical of Rally implementations, and they multiply as the platform is extended across the organization more broadly. Enabling optimization of the end-to-end media supply chain and delivering tangible, significant gains in efficiency and agility, Rally is a game-changer for any modern media organization.