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Pebble Control

IP Broadcast Solutions

Our latest solution, Pebble Control, makes IP connectivity as simple as SDI. Every broadcast engineer needs to connect equipment. Signals need to be routed and switched around your setting and in the world of SDI there are many options to help you do this. But for IP, connection and device management becomes much more complex, and getting it wrong can be costly. We saw a need for an IP connection management system which would enable users to make the leap to an all IP facility, without the need to deploy a bespoke enterprise solution and get caught up in all the configuration, consultation and potentially large expense that that involves. Pebble Control is a new self-contained, scalable, IP-native, connection management solution which is easy to configure, deploy and operate using web-based UIs. Delivering immediate benefits to even the smallest IP facility, it leverages open standards and interfaces with NMOS-enabled devices, and it’s easily reconfigurable; you can change, add or remove devices.

It also dictates the type of workflows that will sit on top of that control system and Nevion’s VideoIPath integration enables customers to easily control software defined networks. Here at Pebble we have 21 years’ experience in automation, from our beginnings controlling VTRs, cart machines and routers to our current suite of products which control networked devices. This experience, together with our highly skilled dedicated R&D team, who have been immersed in broadcast control development within the industry for many years, combine to bring you Pebble’s new IP connection management solution. Pebble Control solves the challenges involved in IP connection management in a way that is independent, cost effective, retains interoperability and does not require any lock in to a specific manufacturer’s ecosystem.

To find out more watch our video (7 mins) that outlines the benefits of Pebble Control: https:/ shorter version can be found here: https:/ have also attached a copy of our datasheet. Our white paper can be found here: https:/