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Haivision Hub

IP Broadcast Solutions

Haivision Hub is an easy-to-use video network service for securely and reliably transporting live IP video from event locations to on-premise or cloud broadcast production with end-to-end, secure video routing. Haivision Hub’s fast start-up, integrated device control, stream optimization, and status and monitoring, all from a single browser window, makes it ideal for any broadcaster needing an on-demand low latency video contribution network for any news, sports, cultural or corporate event. Haivision Hub enables users to easily build routes in just a few clicks instead of worrying about a confusing array of IP addresses, URLs, and ports. It fuels productions anywhere with agile live video by enabling users to automatically set up a routing video network infrastructure, wherever and whenever it’s needed in seconds.

Key features of Haivision Hub include:
•Simple to Use: Easy point-and-click route building that eliminates errors.
•Agile Routing: Quick, editable, and on-demand live IP video routing from and to anywhere.
•Connected Workflows: Route live video between edge devices and third party services on-premise or in the cloud. •Complete Solution: Manage cloud resources, routing, paired devices, transcoding and monitoring all in a single browser widow. Haivision Hub allows users to intelligently connect and configure an entire fleet of edge devices to the cloud no matter where they are deployed. It optimizes streams and ensures compatibility with integrated live transcoding and packaging, can deliver live ABR ladders to Akami CDN, and offers transcoding, transrating, transmuxing, and frame-rate conversion through an easy preset creator. Haivision Hub is an all-in-one broadcast solution enabling users to easily manage an entire video contribution network from a single browser window, complete with I/O options with protocol conversion, stream optimization and ABR transcoding, and status and stream monitoring tools that help unify users’ broadcast ecosystem.