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Salsa Sound - MIXaiR 2.0

Artificial intelligence AI - Machine learning ML

Fans at home want a live experience that is even better than being at the stadium, with multiple camera angles and immersive sound. What this means for broadcasters is creating flawless audio and video, making multiple language or crowd versions available and delivering live content as it happens to social media.

The challenge is that budgets and staffing numbers are not changing; everyone is trying to do more for less. The sound engineer’s job is becoming harder rather than easier as new technologies and formats come to the fore, involving more time-intensive, manual processes. The average production can already involve creating over 16 mixes, anything more puts stress on an already stretched workflow – or requires an increased workforce. MIXaiRTM 2.0 is a pure software, cloud-ready iteration of Salsa Sound’s AI-based automated platform for live audio mixing.

Built on the company’s patented AI technology, MIXaiR 2.0 allows sound engineers to automatically create the best possible mixes using a standard microphone set-up. The beauty of this approach is that you do not have to be a topflight club or Tier 1 broadcaster to give viewers amazing, immersive sound. By making use of what is already in place, MIXaiR 2.0 is opening up the power of AI to smaller clubs, niche sports and even applications outside premium live sports broadcasting. Using automated spatial audio mixes for the ultimate listening experience, whether over headphones or loudspeaker setups, MIXAiR 2.0 gives fans the most immersive and enhanced experience on the big screen or through social media. Unlike other automated/assistive mixing systems, it requires no additional tracking data or manual intervention.

By taking audio feeds from existing broadcast microphones at a stadium, MIXaiR 2.0 uses AI algorithms that automatically detect, mix in and enhance the on-pitch/court/ring sounds to create the best possible mix. As a result, the sound engineer can create engaging real-time mixes without the need for additional kit requirements. Designed to make life easier for the sound team and speed up audio workflows, MIXaiR 2.0 automatically renders to multiple output formats and mixing multiple language versions or crowd flavours (e.g., home/away), with each mix automatically made compliant to the requisite loudness standards and parameters required for social media platforms, linear broadcast, VOD, or OTT.

This highly scalable solution is cost-efficient and flexible and can be deployed onsite, as part of a remote production workflow, over IP or in the cloud. Thanks to its AI-based approach, Salsa Sound gives broadcasters and sports organisations a more robust and intelligent way to create automated mixes. MIXaiR 2.0 has been “trained” with hundreds of hours of content from English Premier League and Championship games to learn what sounds make up a great mix. The system automatically recognises the significant audio moments in the game and can even automatically reduce profanity from pitch-side mics getting into the broadcast. Salsa Sound has added automation to the audio workflow in an intelligent way - not only does this add value, it opens up a world of possibility.