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Ateliere Connect


Ateliere Creative Technologies is a leading cloud-native media supply chain company that empowers media companies and content creators to reach consumers globally. The Ateliere suite of SaaS solutions incorporates cutting-edge workflows and formats to make the vision for a studio in the cloud a reality.

The nucleus of the Ateliere platform, Ateliere Connect™, delivers core competencies in Interoperable Mastering Format (IMF), mass parallel scaling, artificial intelligence, and geographically distributed workflows. Ateliere is built by a team of experts with decades of combined experience at leading tech companies, including Amazon, Dolby, HBO, Netflix, and Microsoft. Ateliere Connect™ is the cloud-native supply chain orchestration platform that helps content providers of all sizes manage and deliver their video content to multiple endpoints from one central location.

The first cloud-based solution to support SMPTE IMF and ACES workflows, Connect was designed natively in the cloud to seamlessly join the fragmented pieces of many post-production workflows by replacing multiple vendors, non-compatible formats, heavy infrastructure, and expensive data servers. The largest movie studio, or smallest indie network, can easily connect with their audiences by rapidly processing and delivering content in any format to any broadcasters, operators, OTT services, and streaming platforms anywhere in the world.

Through Ateliere Connect’s cloud-native architecture and ability to scale on demand™, users can transcode video content up to 35 times faster while reducing costs up to 90 percent. The Ateliere platform uses proprietary Deep Analysis machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to scan media and detect redundancies across many versions of content titles. This use of ML and AI, combined with IMF, allows Connect to operate on an exceptions basis to store only the differences and save customers over 75% of their storage footprint, resulting in millions of dollars of cost reduction for large content libraries that are often many petabytes in size.

We have a team of over 10050 architects, cloud engineers, and developers with decades of experience. at Netflix, HBO, Amazon and more. Ateliere Connect is used by many of the world’s leading media and entertainement companies including A+E Networks, First Look Media, MGM, Nodic Entertainment, WarnerMedia, and WPP. We have built a cutting-edge product that quickly and inexpensively adapts to our customers’ your digital supply chain requirements, bringing accumulative savings in cost and time to market and greater opportunities for monetization.