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Interra Systems

Category  QC QA Monitoring

DMW Awards Finalist

With the dramatic rise in VOD services, distribution channels are asking content publishers to provide their video in globally accepted delivery formats. Publishers must ensure their content meets the requirements of each specific distribution channel, as any type of defect — from audio and video dropout to banding and loudness errors — can cause a delay or cancellation of its release.

The only way they can guarantee their content meets these requirements is through proper quality control (QC). However, there are many content publishers that can’t afford the steep investment in time and money required to maintain an on-premises solution for detailed QC. These publishers — small production houses, independent movie makers, video bloggers, influencers, and more — need a cloud-based platform to perform this critical function. Interra Cloud Services (ICS) — BATON, a subscription-based automated QC service, was designed to meet that need.