Broadcast Traffic Systems - BTS AVOD


Category  Streaming - Playout - Automation

Broadcast Traffic Systems’ (BTS) scalable, ad-supported video on demand traffic solution, BTS AVOD, enables media companies to rapidly launch Advertising Video on Demand (AVOD) channels. It simplifies the management of VOD services and allows targeted advertising, enabling broadcasters to maximise monetisation opportunities.

BTS AVOD is a cloud-based application that can be rapidly installed and remotely accessed via a web browser. It is compatible with multiple platforms and regions, allowing for data input in any language. Users can manage scheduling of their VOD assets and adverts, as well as being able to manage ad bookings via the platform.

BTS AVOD can take a single VOD asset and create a mini schedule for playout. It can also create breaks within the VOD asset as well as scheduling all associated promotional and branding events. The channel or platform can easily place advertising into those breaks, which can also be precisely targeted to the viewer to maximise engagement and return on investment for advertisers.
With BTS AVOD, users can monetise their content across multiple channels with targeted advertising. Content providers can effectively target and place ads, creating a richer viewing experience for consumers. It also includes integrated auditing, as well as sales invoicing analysis, giving users complete control over ad sales.

BTS AVOD is compatible with the latest tool from BTS, Airtime Designer, which allows customers to integrate external channel management systems to BTS’ solutions, which then takes the schedule and creates the breaks within the content to the necessary requirements. The tool includes break manipulation, which allows break times to be adjusted for certain demographics, and compliance checking, to ensure that content and ad-timings are correct.

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