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Open Broadcast Systems - C-100 Encoder/Decoder

Category  Video Processing

The C-100 encoder/decoder supports high-quality, low-latency news, sport and channel contribution. This solution makes it extremely simple and cost efficient for flexible deployment of contribution services in a pure software solution for IT-centric deployments or as appliances for more traditional setups. The C-100 encoder/decoder can be used in both dense deployments with many channels monitored on a single server, as well as being suitable for small scale single channel deployments.

Open Broadcast Systems’ small form-factor C-100 encoder/decoder has been designed to be able to be fitted into even the smallest of spaces, ensuring it does not take up valuable real estate. This has been utilised in a number of real-world use cases, such as to deliver low-latency footage of the VW FunCup at Le Mans from within the cockpit of vehicles travelling at up to 120mph.

Open Broadcasting Systems supports overlaying teletext subtitles with its C-100 decoders. This enables users to cost-effectively monitor teletext subtitling, including on professional 4:2:2 video streams.

A major benefit of this platform comes in the form of 5G support, making it possible for customers to contribute live video over 5G without the external hardware and experience broadcast quality at sub 100ms latencies over mobile networks. The platforms also allow multiple feeds to be encoded and decoded on a single server, reducing hardware requirements and allowing the same license to be used in different locations and times.