Open Broadcast Systems - C-200 Encoder/Decoder


Category  Video Processing

Open Broadcast Systems is revolutionising the provision of advanced broadcast technology. Its C-200 encoders/decoders help to deliver low latency IP contribution, with support for 5G, using off the shelf IT equipment. Moving the industry towards a flexible, cost-effective, software-driven future.

The C-200 platform use specialist broadcast software for video and audio transport, running as apps on standard IT hardware. Offering both turnkey solutions and bring-your-own-hardware options, to give users full flexibility to add, or remove, software or services at any time, without needing to replace any existing equipment. This allows IT hardware to perform multiple broadcast functions, drastically reducing costs. Interface conversion enables customers to convert media between legacy and future formats.

Open Broadcast Systems C-200 encoders/decoders are able to deliver high-quality, low latency broadcast services across all tiers of contribution, supporting 10-bit 4:2:2 encoding up to 150Mbps, also having support for overlaying teletext subtitles, enabling users to cost-effectively monitor teletext subtitling. It’s Software Defined Interface (SDI) card features a range of operational advancements to facilitate 24/7/365 professional capture and playback, delivering low latency and operating with high density and increased performance.
The C200 decoder is also capable of decoding MPEG-TS to 2022-6 and 2110 Uncompressed IP, using software running on commercial off-the-shelf hardware.

The high-quality solutions developed by Open Broadcast Systems deliver services to millions of people every day, including many major sporting and breaking news events. Its agile solutions can be developed and installed in extremely short timeframes, without compromising on quality.