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Caton Media XStream is a managed service for IP content delivery. It provides on demand anywhere-to-anywhere high-quality connectivity, delivering extreme reliability – at least 99.9999% up time. It achieves consistency, low latency and security by incorporating AI-powered machine learning to monitor and manage the connection at every point from source to origin. It is agile, cost-effective and opens up new business and service opportunities.

With satellite capacity limited and private fiber prohibitively expensive, the public internet has become an attractive platform for high quality live media. However, the internet is inherently unreliable, with hundreds of major outages a week, causing unreliability, high jitter, and long and unpredictable latency that challenge the delivery of broadcast-grade media content.

Caton Media XStream is a completely fresh approach, which is based on the proven Caton Cloud, a distributed platform overlaying the public internet, with hundreds of points of presence (PoPs) around the world.

Central to its success is a big data platform that constantly monitors and stores performance data for all of the links in the cloud as it is routed across the internet. AI uses that mass of data to generate dozens of potential high performing routes for each point-to-point transmission. Caton already has amassed years of real-world transmission data, which is continually growing and therefore its decision making becomes ever-more powerful.

Because rerouting happens completely automatically and transparently to the operator, it ensures that every transmission is extremely robust all the way from the source to the destination. Caton Media XStream guarantees an SLA of 99.9999%. And because Caton Cloud is an overlay of the public internet, this outstanding performance is achieved at minimal cost.
As well as managing the network, the service also uses the Caton Transport Protocol (CTP) to provide high quality, security, and reliability for the media transfer. CTP uses machine learning to provide exceptional resilience, with advanced patented FEC and ARQ methods and packet loss prediction ensure high utilization rate of the available bandwidth.
The result is a service that expands business possibilities, by greatly reducing the cost of international and global live links, bringing more events to growing audiences.


Caton Media XStream shines a transformative force in an industry where traditional IP delivery services can fail. Our distributed cloud architecture, AI-driven smart routing, unmatched reliability, and advanced network performance monitoring redefine content delivery. As the broadcast and media industry evolves, Caton Media XStream leads the way, reliably, seamlessly, and with uncompromised quality, without limitations.