Wisycom - MTP61 Miniature Bodypack Transmitter


Categories Production

The MTP61 Miniature Bodypack Transmitter is the smallest and lightest multiband bodypack transmitter on the market, the MTP61 has the widest tuning range currently available (470 to 1260MHz). Among the industry’s most powerful transmitters, the compact design of the MTP61 not only makes it comfortable, but also ideal for a range of applications from broadcast and film to live production.

At just over two inches tall and just under two inches wide, and 3.1 ounces in weight, the miniature design of the Wisycom MTP61 is lightweight and comfortable for long-term use in applications that require discreet placement. It also operates with a standard 3.7 Volt Lithium-ion battery, boasting an eight-hour autonomy, and comes equipped with a flexible PCB, further extending the reliability of the solution. Building off Wisycom’s proprietary intermodulation cancellation circuit, the transmitter’s advanced linear technology allows users to deploy transmitters evenly on the spectrum, every 200 kHz. This provides a more robust signal, extended range and the ability to operate multiple transmitters in close proximity to one another.

With high-density, software-selectable narrow-band filters, the digital signal processing allows for easy switching between wideband and narrow-band operation. Used together with ‘linear mode,’ this function enables intermod-free frequency planning with as little as 200 kHz of channel spacing. Additionally, the integrated low-pass audio filter eliminates ultrasonic interference from devices, such as range finders and motion sensors. The transmitter also features an embedded recorder with integrated linear timecode decoder that makes it possible to record directly to an embedded industry rated microSD memory card. Simultaneous record and transmit functionality is also available, where applicable.