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DMW Awards Featured Entries 2019


GOLD WINNER - Masstech Kumulate

Kumulate CATEGORY Production - Storage Masstech Kumulate is the latest addition to its intelligent storage and asset lifecycle management solutions, and delivers the power and flexibility of hybrid cloud storage workflows to media & entertainment…

GOLD WINNER - Vizrt Group NDI 4

NDI 4 - Vizrt Group - NDI CATEGORY Switching, routing, monitoring Vizrt Group - NDI Network Device Interface (NDI®) is a free standard originally developed by NewTek to enable video-compatible products to communicate, deliver and receive broadcast…

GOLD WINNER - Signiant Jet

Signiant Jet CATEGORY: Cloud Infrastructures - Delivery Jet is a cloud-native SaaS solution for automated high-speed transfers of large media files between locations around the globe. Built on Signiant’s innovative SDCX SaaS platform, Jet offers…


Overcam CATEGORY: Production - Cameras EVS Driven by artificial intelligence and using robotic cameras, the Overcam system is designed to automate key camera positions around the field of play, helping live sports productions capture more content,…

GOLD WINNER - EditShare EFS 2020

EditShare EFS 2020 CATEGORY: Post Production - Storage Editshare Production - Storage\Digital Asset Management EFS 2020 is EditShare’s next-generation file system and management console designed for creative collaboration…
Primestream ai dataviewer windows

GOLD WINNER - Primestream Elastic Data Viewer

Elastic Data Viewer CATEGORY: Virtualisation - Media Processing as a Service Primestream Primestream’s mission is to lead the way in developing systems that optimize media creativity, to envision a world where working with media is as…


SCISYS OpenMedia CATEGORY: IP Broadcast Solutions - Production SCISYS Media Solutions OpenMedia is an innovative, fully customisable, scalable newsroom system with 50,000+ users globally. The newsroom system is used around the…

GOLD WINNER - Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio 16

DaVinci Resolve Studio is the world’s first solution to combine professional offline and online editing, color correction, audio post production, multi user collaboration and now visual effects together in one software tool. The newly released DaVinci Resolve…

GOLD WINNER - Videon EdgeCaster

Videon EdgeCaster CATEGORY: Streaming - Compression Videon Videon EdgeCaster is at the forefront of edge computing, enabling 4K HEVC and H.264 encoded signals as part of an HLS, DASH, and CMAF workflow while simultaneously creating six…

GOLD WINNER - Edgeware Virtual Channel Creation

Virtual Channel Creation CATEGORY: Virtualisation - Channel Virtualisation Edgeware https:/ With so much content now available online, viewers are overwhelmed with the amount of options available. Sometimes they just want a more lean-back TV…

GOLD WINNER - Nevion Virtuoso JPEG XS media function

Virtuoso JPEG XS media function CATEGORY: Production - Video Processing Nevion Nevion’s flagship software-defined media node, Virtuoso, now features a JPEG XS encoding and decoding media function, launched shortly before IBC 2019. Seen by many in…

GOLD WINNER - Zixi Software Defined Video Platform

Zixi Software-Defined Video Platform CATEGORY: IP Broadcast Solutions - Distribution Zixi provides a cloud based and on-premise software-defined video platform that enables broadcast-quality live video delivery over all IP and hybrid IP networks.…


AVIWEST - StreamHub CATEGORY: IP Broadcast Solutions - Switching, routing, monitoring The new software version of the AVIWEST's StreamHub transceiver is now vendor-agnostic and universally compatible with third-party transmitters. Using…

SPECIAL MERIT - Dejero IronRoute for media

Dejero IronRoute for media CATEGORY: IP Broadcast Solutions - Distribution Dejero Built for scalability and managed in the cloud, Dejero IronRoute for media is the future of content distribution. This blended connectivity and cloud-based global…

Hitomi Broadcast - Matchbox Glass

Hitomi Broadcast, manufacturer of MatchBox audio video alignment system, designed ‘MatchBox Glass’ as a free iOS App for near instant lip-sync alignment of mics and cameras. Matchbox Glass CATEGORY: Production - Monitoring Hitomi Broadcast…

SPECIAL MERIT - ChyronHego PRIME Graphics Platform

The PRIME Graphics Platform from ChyronHego stacks an array of diverse applications into a single design, authoring, and playout solution to address the requirements of any use case, any resolution, and any workflow. Whether configured as a solution for…

SPECIAL MERIT - Editshare Helmut

Helmut CATEGORY: Post Production - Delivery Editshare The Helmut suite of software solutions empowers Adobe users of Premiere Pro and Media Encoder by simplifying production management and streamlining working processes in an…

Matrox M264 S4 H.264 Hardware Codec Card

Matrox M264 S4 H.264 Hardware Codec Card Matrox CATEGORY IP Broadcast Solutions - Production Although H.264 is pervasive across broadcast workflows, PC platforms struggle with the computational requirements…


Matrox DSX LE5 Q25 SMPTE ST 2110 NIC Card CATEGORY: IP Broadcast Solutions - Switching, routing, monitoring Matrox The Matrox DSX LE5 Q25 SMPTE ST 2110 25 GbE network interface controller (NIC)…

SPECIAL MERIT - Matrox Extio 3 IP KVM extenders

Extio 3 IP KVM extenders CATEGORY: IP Broadcast Solutions - Switching, routing, monitoring Matrox The benefits of a well-designed KVM environment are clear. Not only do operators have a quiet and ergonomic workspace,…

SPECIAL MERIT - Facilis HUB Shared Storage System

HUB Shared Storage System CATEGORY: Cloud Infrastructures - Delivery Facilis The Facilis Shared Storage Systems have evolved to encompass a much greater portion of our clients’ workflows. With the built-in FastTracker application on the Facilis…
Ncam Mk2 camera Bar

SPECIAL MERIT - Ncam Mk2 Camera Bar

Ncam Mk2 Camera Bar CATEGORY: Production - Cameras NcamTechnologies With the importance of visual effects work growing across the film and television industries, products that enable productions to maximise their resources and workflow…

SPECIAL MERIT - Black Box Emerald Unified KVM

Emerald Unified KVM CATEGORY: IP Broadcast Solutions - Distribution Black Box The Emerald® Unified KVM platform developed by Black Box in Ireland, is the first-ever converged KVM solution for distributing high-quality video, audio and…


BitSave SPECIAL MERIT - Cloud Infrastructures - Delivery iSize Technologies The BitSave AI-powered upscaling encoding platform by iSize is a first-of-a-kind, fully AI-powered encoding platform that takes advantage of AI and deep learning to enable up…

SPECIAL MERIT - Spectra Logic BlackPearl RioBroker

BlackPearl RioBroker is a tightly integrated software that brings efficiency and agility to a transforming market. It front-ends Spectra’s BlackPearl® Converged Storage System, an object-based platform that moves media assets seamlessly and economically into…

SPECIAL MERIT - Broadpeak BkYou

BkYou CATEGORY: Streaming - OTT/IPTV systems Broadpeak Many video content providers and operators with ABR streaming services center their business model around ad viewing. Yet, advanced ad blocking technology today enables viewers to block ads,…


Embrionix emVIRTU CATEGORY: Production - Video Processing Embrionix When transitioning to IP, broadcasters, media production and military/mission-critical environments and others must adapt a range of signal types, formats, frame rates,…

SPECIAL MERIT - Quantum F-Series

Quantum F-Series CATEGORY: Post Production - Storage Quantum The Quantum F-Series is a high-performance, highly available and reliable storage array designed for studio editing, rendering and other performance-intensive workloads for large…

Special Merit - LTN LEAF Flypack for esports

A growing number of esports competitions today are being produced and delivered with the same quality and consistency viewers recognize from professional sports broadcasts. The LTN LEAF Flypack™ makes it easy for gaming companies and esports production…
Matrox edge vans showdown

DMW Awards 2019 Finalists

Digital Media World is proud to announce the finalists for the 2019 Digital Media World Awards, recognising excellence and innovation in the world of content creation, delivery and management for broadcast and screened content.

Pixel Power StreamMaster BRAND

StreamMaster BRAND is a software-defined branding and graphics playout engine for 24/7 transmission. It is format agnostic, scalable and flexible, and efficiently automates graphics playout and channel branding. Its cost-effectiveness means that online…

Quantum R-Series

Capturing video on set or in a mobile production truck can be challenging. Designed for high-speed video capture in a moving vehicle, Quantum’s R-Series makes the process less stressful. Quantum R-Series Quantum Corporation CATEGORY Production -…

Intinor Direkt series

Direkt series Intinor CATEGORY IP Broadcast Solutions - Distribution\Production\nSwitching, routing, monitoring Intinor Technology, Sweden’s leading developer of products and solutions for high quality video over IP networks, has collaborated with…

Cinegy Air PRO

Cinegy Air PRO Cinegy CATEGORY Cloud Infrastructures - Playout At Cinegy we take the credit for having come up with some nice slogans that not always made us friends in the industry. “SDI MUST DIE” is a classic already. Another one is “Software…

DTC Broadcast Nano HD transmitters

DTC Broadcast Nano HD transmitters Domo Tactical Communications CATEGORY IP Broadcast Solutions - Distribution DTC Broadcast Nano HD transmitters were deployed to spectacular effect for coverage of the…

DMS Panther Online

DMS Panther Online DMS CATEGORY Post Production - Delivery Built for film marketers and publicists, Panther Online is a secure cloud-based streaming and media asset management platform. Developed by DMS, a creative digital agency with years of…


EVS PMZ EVS CATEGORY Virtualisation - Infrastructure The PMZ hypervisor is an infrastructure virtualization solution designed with the needs of OB trucks and flypack units in mind. The PMZ allows production teams to transform their backend tools into…

Quicklink Studio Browser (ST55)

The Quicklnk Studio Browser (ST55) enables instant guest contributions from any desktop or mobile device, allowing the broadcast of global contributions to air in less than 30 seconds. Quicklink Studio Browser (ST55) Quicklink CATEGORYIP…

IBM Aspera On Cloud

IBM Aspera on Cloud provides the fastest way for media companies to securely and reliably move large content globally across on-premises and multi-cloud environments. It provides seamless access to data wherever it’s stored, enabling users to collaborate in a…

Showcased here are the Gold winners of the 2019 Digital Media World Awards, giving a snapshot of what has been achieved and what broadcasters are aiming for in the coming year.




DMW Awards Gold

Matrox Monarch EDGE 4K/Multi-HD Webcasting and Remote Production Encoder


CATEGORY: Streaming - OTT/IPTV systems


Affordably produce live, multi-camera events, while minimizing on-site expenses by keeping talent in-house with Monarch EDGE. A compact, robust, and low-power remote production encoder, Monarch EDGE synchronizes and securely delivers remote camera feeds to your master control room or cloud for production with remarkably low latency. Programs destined for web or over-the-top (OTT) delivery can select the 4:2:0 8-bit encoder version, while the 4:2:2 10-bit capable Monarch EDGE encoder version is ideal for demanding, broadcast-quality productions.

Detailed Summary
Matrox Monarch EDGE is a 4K/multi-HD webcasting and REMote Integration (REMI) encoder capable of delivering live streams up to 3840x2160 at 60 fps to multiple destinations using multiple protocols. Monarch EDGE provides broad¬casters and other video professionals with robust, low-latency, and dynamic H.264 encoding capabilities packaged in a compact, low power appliance. Quality is never compromised with Monarch EDGE’s unique implementation of the H.264 codec, which keeps data rates exceptionally low while minimizing latency. Using a variety of streaming protocols, Monarch EDGE can deliver a single or multiple independent live feeds to cloud or on premise production systems. Each operation benefits from a powerful scaling and de-interlacing engine to ensure only pristine images and audio are encoded.

Easily produce multi-angle live events by extending the production studio to any remote location with a network connection. Monarch EDGE can encode up to four camera feeds from HD or 3G-SDI sources. When an in-studio 4K production requires a remote feed, Monarch EDGE can accept either UHD signals over 12G-SDI, or a quad 3G-SDI to deliver a full-UHD stream. For events that require more cameras, its compact footprint ensures that two units will fit into a single 1RU space.

The optimized H.264 engine powering Monarch EDGE keeps data rates exceptionally low without sacrificing quality. I-frame-only streams reaching 120 Mbps can be delivered if quality is a high priority. Each input can be streamed at resolutions up to 1080p60 using the High 4:2:2 H.264 encoding profile. Furthermore, multiple processes can be performed on each input by powerful scaling and de-interlacing engines. This enables each input to be streamed at multiple resolutions and bitrates simultaneously, which is useful for remote monitoring.

The Win
Monarch EDGE allows broadcasters to produce live, multi-camera events with increased operational efficiency, while minimizing on-site expenses by keeping talent and/or production crew in-studio.

The H.264 codec is the undisputed number one choice in the video codec arena with its innumerable applications and universal availability. In a day and age when interoperability is key, the H.264 codec is uniquely positioned to minimize the challenges posed by a lack of interoperability as it can tackle a myriad of different workflows. Designed for convenience, Monarch EDGE delivers unparalleled, robust encoding power with the wide-ranging aptitude of the H.264 codec.

Monarch EDGE offers flexible, future-proof connectivity with 3G-SDI, 12G-SDI, and SMPTE ST 2110 over 25 GbE network connections. Inputs are auto-detectable and allow for a wide range of connectivity to devices such as cameras, switchers, vision mixers or routers. Additionally, audio can be selected from two channels of embedded audio per video input, or balanced analog audio connectors.

Monarch EDGE provides tally signals and talkback channels to facilitate bi-directional communication between on-site camera operators and in-studio personnel. These provisions on the device help reduce the amount of equipment required on site.

There are a variety of streaming protocols available to Monarch EDGE users. On closed networks, MPEG-2 TS or RTSP streams can be selected for delivery. For cloud-based destinations, or when the network is congested, SRT may be more appropriate. SRT is a new open-source format that provides the reliability of RTMP, while reducing latency, for use on open networks. SRT streams can also be encrypted if security is a concern.

Monarch EDGE was built with reliability in mind. An LCD screen on the front of the appliance allows the user to quickly access its status and configuration settings. A locking power connector safeguards against connection loss during production. Redundant Ethernet (1 GbE) ports allow users to control the device from one port while sending video from a second port. Users can opt to send the same streams from each port while taking completely separate network paths. Finally, Monarch EDGE’s compact design ensures it can be installed in a fly-pack or with a second Monarch EDGE unit in a 1RU-rack space.

Monarch EDGE in Action
New York-based live event production company, B Live, leveraged the Monarch EDGE encoder's ability to receive multiple HD feeds, and composite and encode them into a quad-split stream in order to give fans of the 2019 Vans Showdown skateboarding competition the ultimate viewing experience.

B Live’s camera crew captured each competing skater separately. Four 1080p30 video streams, including three isolated views of skaters and one director’s cut produced on-site by a different team, were sent back to the B Live office. There, Monarch EDGE received the three isolated feeds and director’s cut, and encoded these feeds into a single 4K, 20-Mbps stream that was then sent to the B Live platform. On the B Live user interface embedded in the Vans Open of Surfing official website, fans were able to easily decide which skater they wanted to view from the three isolated feeds available, in addition to the director’s cut – all from their smart devices or desktops.

“Before we got the Monarch EDGE, we were doing things ‘the old way,’” said Jay Kopelman, Director of Digital Engineering for B Live. “That is to say, every time the viewer switches camera angles, it loads a new independent stream. Because we can now do quad-HD streams with Monarch EDGE, it has enabled us to feed a single 4K stream into the player. That is why it seamlessly switches on the B Live interface.”


DMW Awards Gold

NDI 4 - Vizrt Group - NDI

CATEGORY  Switching, routing, monitoring

Vizrt Group - NDI

Network Device Interface (NDI®) is a free standard originally developed by NewTek to enable video-compatible products to communicate, deliver and receive broadcast quality video in a high quality, low latency manner that is frame-accurate and suitable for switching in a live production environment.

NDI is now a brand under the Vizrt Group which is adopted and integrated into products by hundreds of companies, in development with thousands and readily accessible to millions of people. NDI is the most widely adopted and used IP standard in the world and presents compelling new opportunities for video in any workflow or environment.

At NAB 2019, NewTek and Vizrt unveiled NDI 4 with an array of new capabilities merging the fields of live video and post production by including the ability to record unlimited NDI video channels for true multi-camera editing with full synchronization with any video or audio format, 4K and beyond included. Recording is limited only by disk and network performance.
Recordings are time-stamped and time base corrected; any number of channels on any number of machines are in full harmony. Video editing from a variety of sources, from the same event, can be edited simultaneously making multi-cam editing truly accessible for the first time. NDI recording supports alpha channel, any number of audio channels, and works with 16bpp sources at full precision.

NDI gives users more flexibility than ever thought possible. NDI devices are connected with each other and automatically discovered on the network. NDI 4’s other increased efficiencies include improvements in video quality without an increase in bit-rate, support for a 16 bit video path, and many more input and output colour formats.

NDI 4 provides support for a discovery server allowing for the use of a server or the cloud to coordinate and connect all sources. Also included an NDI | HX which is now fully integrated into the NDI Embedded SDK. Additionally, support for Epic Games Unreal Engine in NDI 4 makes it possible for apps created in Unreal to appear as NDI sources.

In the past three years, NDI has become the way video producers, from game streamers to tier one broadcasters, work. NDI can encode, transmit and receive many streams of high quality, low latency, frame-accurate video and audio in real time. This benefits any network-connected video device, including cameras,


DMW Awards Gold


CATEGORY  Production - Storage


Kumulate is the latest addition to its intelligent storage and asset lifecycle management solutions, and delivers the power and flexibility of hybrid cloud storage workflows to media & entertainment (M&E) organizations. The result of an intensive industry consultation, Kumulate leverages Masstech’s industry-leading precursors, Flashnet and MassStore, to enable M&E users to take advantage of cloud, AI, machine learning and other evolving technologies.

Kumulate automates and optimizes storage and lifecycle management of video assets, across production, processing, packaging and distribution, for every segment of the industry, from news and sports to broadcast, archive and cinema. Built on the defining premise that all assets are different at every stage of their lifecycle, Kumulate ensures that the best storage ecosystem for each customer’s operations and workflows is actualized. Whether cloud, on-premise, disk or hybrid, Kumulate ensures that each asset and its associated files are always stored in the most cost-efficient storage tier.

Kumulate is built on a simple, modular structure, comprising storage, transcode and workflow orchestration, allowing users to build their optimized storage ecosystem that delivers the right files to the right location in the correct format. Automated workflows replace resource-heavy processes: speedy and pain-free migrations from outdated storage tiers or formats that previously may have involved huge staff and equipment resource now happen as background tasks; lifecycle toolsets provide automatic copy for Disaster Recovery and business continuity; and integrated transcode provides batch normalization, packaging and publishing to new formats like YouTube or Facebook without operator intervention.

Kumulate is an open system, with deep API and application level integrations into all major MAMs, PAMs, NLEs, News Room Computer Systems and custom built management and production systems, allowing customers full control of their content through their existing infrastructure, or via Kumulate’s own intuitive, powerful interface.
Integrations with AI, machine learning and cognitive services from leading technology vendors such as AWS, IBM, Microsoft and Google layer on top of Kumulate’s own powerful search and metadata enrichment functions. Assets can be re-monetized with facial, object and location recognition services, or unstructured speech-to-text to enable greater search and sharing across disparate global systems and groups.

On the storage side, Kumulate’s modular, open design provides integration into all major cloud providers including AWS, Microsoft, Google, Wasabi, and all native S3 platforms, as well as associated providers such as Caringo and Cloudian. Kumulate’s impressive pedigree also ensures full compatibility with the widest range of storage hardware providers (tape, disk, optical).
Masstech proudly takes a completely agnostic approach, meaning organizations are never obliged to stay tied to any particular cloud provider, and always free to choose whichever offering best suits the business and operational requirements.
Kumulate itself is containerized and fully virtualized, allowing customers to deploy on-premise or entirely in the cloud, to suit their business and operational requirements.

Kumulate ensures that M&E customers gain the most value from their assets, throughout their entire lifecycle, and from their storage expenditure, now and throughout the evolution of their chosen technologies.


DMW Awards Gold

Signiant Jet

CATEGORY: Cloud Infrastructures - Delivery

Jet is a cloud-native SaaS solution for automated high-speed transfers of large media files between locations around the globe. Built on Signiant’s innovative SDCX SaaS platform, Jet offers powerful, enterprise-grade capabilities to any size business that regularly moves files between their own locations or with partners, customers and suppliers.

Signiant Jet provides a number of key benefits to media companies, including:
• Speed: Jet employs Signiant’s fastest transport technology yet and is capable of multi-Gbps transport speeds.
• Ease: Within Jet’s intuitive visual interface, administrators can easily deploy and monitor transfers and configure alerts. Customers can be up and running in a day.
• No Limits: Jet can handle any size file quickly, and never imposes limits on the amount of data transferred or puts constraints on bandwidth use.
• Advanced Next-Generation Transport: Jet employs a patent pending intelligent transport mechanism that adapts to network conditions in real-time to provide optimal throughput.
• Checkpoint Restart: Any transfers that are interrupted are automatically restarted from the point of failure, which is critical for automated, large file transfers.
• Visibility: Jet’s dashboard provides complete visibility into all transfer activity and provides automated alerts on job status.
• Inter-Company Transfers: Companies that regularly exchange files with partners will benefit from Jet’s simple, secure handshake mechanism where two parties can agree to send and receive files from one another.
• Security: Following defense-in-depth design principles, Jet incorporates multiple layers of security controls. Signiant is a recognized security leader across the M&E industry, including earning the DPP ‘Committed to Security’ mark.
• SRE Team: The Jet solution is built on Signiant’s multi-tenant, auto-scaling, load-balanced cloud control layer, managed 24/7 by the company’s professional Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team. Simple Pricing for Every Size Company: Jet’s SaaS subscriptions scale to the needs and budget of every size media company. Jet’s simple pricing model is based on the number of locations that need to exchange files without limits on size, amount of data and with no constraints on bandwidth usage. Jet also offers a simple cost-sharing mechanism for cross-company transfers.

Jet’s lights-out automated file transfers bridge the gap between time zones and locations, allowing fast and reliable files transfers across any distance and easing the pressure of today’s fast paced content creation and distribution cycle. Jet meets the growing need to replace scripted FTP, rsync and other legacy transfer tools with an alternative that is easier, faster, more reliable and secure.Jet’s unique model brings advanced acceleration and automation to any size business furthering Signiant’s mission to connect the global media supply chain.