yellobrik Frame Synchronizer Adds Converter & Scaler Functionality

LYNX yellobrik

LYNX Technik’s yellobrik Frame Synchronizer, the PVD 1800, now has up/down/cross and aspect ratio conversion, with scaler functionality. This combination of new functions suits facilities that operate in multiple video formats such as 3G, HD and SD-SDI, and need to convert between those formats. The PVD 1800 upgrade also includes an aspect ratio converter function to change the specifications of a video signal by converting to letterbox/pillarbox, centre cut, stretch to fill, 14:9 - plus custom conversions.

The conversion utilities of this module are accessed via the yelloGUI software, where all the settings and functions can be monitored and controlled. This software has also been upgraded, adding new tools for the control and configuration of the new functions via a PC or MAC.

LYNX yellobrik4

The scaler adds a region of interest (ROI) tool enabling the user to crop a specific region from the original video signal and scale it to be viewed as full size on the SDI output, valuable when video signals require customization for output and display. With this feature, the user has full control over the input signal cropping as well as the sizing of the output signal display.
The new scaler has with a fast scale mode which can reduce the processing delay to less than 10 lines. This is especially important for applications that require a short processing delay and rapid conversion. When activating the fast scale mode, the module’s frame synchronization functionality will be automatically deactivated.

LYNX yellobrik3

The PVD 1800 yellobrik frame synchronizer is a flexible piece of hardware in a brick form factor that can address multiple applications. For larger integrated systems, up to 14 PVD 1800 yellobriks can be mounted into the yellobrik 19” rack mount chassis. Its modular nature
The flexible architecture of the PVD is unusual in that it has a full set of broadcast performance & features in a brick-style solution, at a competitive price-point. This combination makes it useful in studio, outside broadcast applications, post production and professional audio/video - any environment in whcih frame synchronization and conversion with scaling is required.  

This major upgrade to the PVD 1800 is included at no additional cost, and any existing user can obtain the firmware update by downloading the latest version of yelloGUI from the LYNX Technik website.