SAM Alchemist Live Goes Live for SDI Framerate Conversion, IP to Come

SAM alchemist live sdi

Alchemist Live SDI carries out motion compensated framerate conversion for live SDI media streams, free of artefacts, in real time so that video can be distributed worldwide without adding further manual steps to delivery workflows.

It supports SD, HD, 1080p, 4K and HDR live media streams and can handle one channel of UHD conversion or up to three channels of 1080p. For compatibility and flexibility when dealing with complex sources, conversion is transparent. The system is sold as a 4U turnkey package based on off the shelf hardware that natively supports SAM control and monitoring.

Alchemist Live uses motion-compensated frame interpolation processing to overcome temporal discrepancies caused by having to skip over frames when a display's framerate is not equivalent to the rate of the content being displayed. Intermediate animation frames are generated between existing ones through the use of interpolation, aiming to make animation smoother and more natural, and to compensate for display motion blur.

SAM alchemist live sdi2

Other video conversion utilities include colour spaces REC601 / BT709 and BT2020, horizontal and vertical alias suppression, RGB legalisation and aperture. HDR processing includes HDR/SDR and SDR/HDR, plus conversion between HDR types PQ, S-Log3, HLG and HDR10.

The SDI version of Alchemist Live is available now, in January 2018, with I/O ports that include 16 channels of embedded audio, quad link and square division for 12G.

An IP version will become available in mid-2018 through both software licenses and hardware, like the SDI version. It will use a dual 25GbE interface and follow TR-03/04 and SMPTE Standards 2022-6/-7, 2110 and AES67.