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The Telestream Lightspeed G8 media processing server has been updated with a new, faster architecture, building on the previous Lightspeed K80 that introduced GPU acceleration for workflows on the Vantage media processing platform.

Like the K80, Lightspeed G8 is still a single RU server but has a new CPU and dual-GPU architecture that is up to 80 percent faster in many media transcode operations and consumes less than half the power of its predecessor in most use cases.

Lightspeed G8 is specifically designed to optimise on-premises Vantage Media Processing Platform workflows of varying scales and sizes. The server employs accelerated transcoding software, enabling automated content assembly across production and distribution workflows.

Lightspeed G8 comes as standard with four 10Gbps network ports, twice the number in previous Lightspeed servers for faster file transfer speeds, especially when users gang the ports together to achieve 40Gbps.

Telestream Lightspeed G8

Lightspeed G8 includes several environmentally aware features. For instance, the system design needs significantly less cooling and puts less pressure on air conditioning capacity within plant rooms.

The server features seven available Expansion Drive Bays out of ten in total, which reduces the need for expensive external storage. This capacity allows scope for more UHD and HDR production, and includes a RAID OS option for system redundancy. It is designed for simple installation as well, with a shallower box and more compact design with a side-rail mount and less depth in the rack. It has also been built for easier maintenance, with front-facing USB ports assisting maintenance routines.

“On-premise media processing workflows still represent a major part of our Vantage video processing operations, so it is essential that we support our user base with a range of server systems. Lightspeed K80, a reliable workhorse in many media facilities worldwide, now has a specific replacement,” said Scott Matics, Senior Director of Product Management at Telestream. “With Lightspeed G8, we have replaced the K80 and with a high-performance server that meets current media processing needs with ample power to handle larger media processing demands on the horizon.”