TAG sony hawkeye

TAG Video Systems has added visualisation and monitoring support for Sony’s Hawk-Eye, a high-performance camera used in sports applications that produces atypical output. TAG is the first monitoring developer to support Hawk-Eye images on an IP, all software Multiviewer for Live Production, playout, delivery and OTT.

First used as a broadcast tool to analyse decisions in cricket, Hawk-Eye has now become part of over 20 sports covering 20,000 games or events across 500 stadiums in over 90 countries in a typical year. The system includes tracking and analytic tools required for ball tracking, watching goal lines, line calling and point detection. Its officiating, production, video management, broadcast and digital systems are considered to make games fairer, safer and more engaging for viewers.

It has not been possible, however, to directly visualise and monitor Hawk-Eye camera output streams – which are not a typical 4K source - on an all-software IP Multiviewer until TAG integrated support into its IP-based MCM-9000.  This unique functionality fully visualises the content along with all other sources for display on the Multiviewer mosaic output which, combined with TAG’s integrated probing and monitoring, ensure signal quality, health and integrity prior to feeding the Hawk-Eye vision processing system.   www.tagvs.com