Dejero grabyo

Dejero’s mobile transmitters and video transport devices are now integrated into Grabyo’s cloud video platform, which features live broadcast production, live clipping, rapid editing and video distribution tools for content distributors. Production teams can use this joint platform to deliver live content to multiple broadcast, digital and social platforms simultaneously from anywhere in the world.    

Using Dejero’s remote contribution devices, including the EnGo 260 mobile transmitter and the LivePlus mobile application for iOS or Android, video can be transported reliably to Grabyo’s platform wirelessly, relying on Dejero’s patented Smart Blending Technology. Smart Blending creates a resilient internet connection by aggregating multiple networks into a single service that supports transmission of high-quality live video with latency as low as 0.8 seconds.

Grabyo’s cloud-based platform can only be accessed through a web browser. Once video is transported into the Grabyo platform, users can produce, edit and distribute broadcast-quality live streams and real-time video clips even from quite challenging locations.

Dejero liveplus mobile

Dejero LivePlus Mobile application for iOS or Android.

Grabyo has direct integrations with the major social platforms and video players, such as Brightcove, Anvato and Comcast for direct video distribution. Its platform is also integrated with multiple third-party production tools for live graphics authoring and audience participation features.

“We have brought this joint system to market to open up a more flexible, robust way of working for production teams,” said Mike Kelley, President of Americas at Grabyo. “Our goal is to future-proof video production workflows by building tools that are more accessible and easier to use. By partnering with Dejero we are able to remove limitations that come with fixed-location productions, and create new opportunities to deliver more quality live video to consumers.”

“Dejero transmits high-quality, low latency live video to the cloud, enabling Grabyo’s remote production tools to deliver professional and innovative content to digital and social platforms,” said Yvonne Monterroso, Director of Product Management, Dejero. ‘Combining these two systems results in a set of tools that untethers production teams with options for further innovation.”