ATEME Huawei

The HUAWEI Cloud service provider has implemented ATEME transcoders to support its new OTT video services deployed in the company’s cloud environment, delivering an international motorsport event via live web streaming

The HUAWEI Cloud Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) is a platform for content and service providers to access scalable cloud servers, as well as a reliable, secure, flexible and efficient application environment in the cloud for streaming live events. ATEME’s TITAN Live transcoding software was implemented in the HUAWEI ECS, enabling HUAWEI Cloud to support its customers delivering an international motorsport event via live web streaming.

ATEME’s video applications are cloud-native and run in orchestrated containers in private or public clouds, or a mixture of both. The TITAN component supplies the core tools needed for video processing, encoding, transcoding and multiplexing. It is able to scale automatically up and down depending on the workload. In public clouds, the system automatically switches off instances when no resource is needed, lowering costs.

Fernando Penna, Sales Manager of HUAWEI Cloud said, “Premium video quality at low bitrate is becoming more and more critical for streaming sports events. It’s also important to avoid video buffering and to caption the action while keeping the movement, especially with sports. ATEME’s video compression enables us to meet these requirements.”

Binro Duan, CTO at HUAWEI Cloud said, “We were very satisfied with our collaboration with ATEME and look forward to continuing on this path, making it possible for Brazilians to watch their favourite sports events on the screen of their choice, without compromising on image quality.”

Luis Silva, Sales Director at ATEME Brazil, said, “We were pleased to support HUAWEI Cloud in this project with our technology and expertise. This live transmission should pave the way for high-quality video streaming services in Brazil – ushering in a new era of watch-anywhere high-quality live event viewing.”