ATEME Supply chain1

ATEME has developed cloud-native tools called PILOT Media to help users apply business intelligence to the media supply chain, as they automate workflows and try to increase efficiency. Made for content owners, broadcasters and service providers, PILOT Media helps users control the migration of production and operations to new service models, either on-premise or in a public or hybrid cloud, meanwhile taking advantage of the cloud in whatever capacity suits their applications.

Business intelligence uses software and services to turn data into actionable insights that organisations can base business decisions on. Business intelligence tools access and analyse data and present analytical findings – such as reports, dashboards, graphs and so on – that give users detailed information about the state of the business.

PILOT Media takes a manage-by-exception approach to automation, allowing users to rely mainly on business logic and metadata to automate media capture, ingest, management, enrichment, storage and publishing. This approach aims to promote efficiency and reduce operating overheads within the media supply chain. Moreover, by prioritising workflows to match a schedule, service-level requirements can still be met while also lowering operational costs, such as storage.

ATEME Pilot media

PILOT Media orchestrates and automates supply chain tasks. ATEME TITAN is used for encoding/decoding and compression in video processing workflows; NEA is ATEME’s video CDN software.

Business logic algorithms handle the exchange of information between the database and UI. Functioning as the business rules of a computer program, business logic defines or constrains how a business operates and is seen in the sequences or steps of the workflows that it supports.

PILOT Media has a simple drag-and-drop workflow designer to keep the operating model nimble. Dashboards revealing management insight are updated in real time from overall operations or from specific workflows. Other robust reporting tools output detailed management information to support dynamic capacity and workload planning for processing and delivery tasks.

Jean-Louis Lods, VP Media Supply Chain Solutions at ATEME, said, “Viewers today have more options than ever in terms of what content to watch on TV and on their personal devices. Consequently, content and service providers face fierce competition. Launching PILOT Media to the market gives customers a chance to compete more efficiently and maximise ROI by reducing operational costs, as well as the opportunity to create new revenue streams, for example by launching a direct-to-consumer OTT service or through rapid onboarding for distribution.”