RandS PRISMON Multiview AV Monitor

R&S PRISMON multiviewers from Rohde & Schwarz now feature Multiviewer Control Centre (MCC) supporting a single point of control for a network of multiviewers, which can be automated to instantly reconfigure multiple displays.

PRISMON is a software-defined multiviewer architecture, designed specifically for use in IP studio production and playout systems. It supports Ultra HD signals, both for displays and for streams within mosaics. Its scalable, distributed multiviewer functionality allows connectivity between any input and any output through IP proxy networks. This also means PRISMON can share resources across a network, allowing users to set up a view with multiple Ultra HD inputs, beyond the decoding capacity of a single system.

PRISMON can now be used to control the complete network of multiviewers, along with associated decoders and encoders, from a single point. In environments when studios and control rooms change their purpose regularly, like news or live sports, MCC makes it possible to change all of the monitoring either in one step with a central controller, or triggered by studio automation.

Owing to the underlying flexibility this gives busy live production and delivery environments, it has already been implemented by one of Europe’s largest playout specialists. MCC will initially be used as part of the augmented facility to help a major European broadcaster deliver a multi-national football competition in 2021.

“PRISMON has been chosen for multiviewers in major installations because of the flexibility and cost efficiency it brings,” said Andreas Loges, Vice President Media Technologies at Rohde & Schwarz. “Our users have made it clear that they also needed the ability to use that flexibility to allow facilities to be reconfigured quickly, accurately and easily.”

MCC is an option for the PRISMON system, subject to a separate licence thatallows users to configure their monitoring networks to meet their exact requirements. Version 1.0 of MCC was released in April 2021. Version 1.1 adding this further MCC functionality will be available in June 2021. www.rohde-schwarz.com