One of Thailand’s main telco and mobile operators, AIS has over three million subscribers and an OTT platform that delivers both VOD content and 200 live channels to audiences across the country. As its previous origin/packager system reached end-of-life, AIS began to look for a new live and VOD system to continue delivering content and video services to viewers.

Storage capacity, performance and reliability were critical issues among the company’s requirements, and it has now chosen a new just-in-time packaging and storage system, NEA-DVR from ATEME.  

NEA-DVR is flexible and scalable, and ready for use in the cloud, with embedded distributed storage (EDS). This hyper-converged storage system and cluster architecture makes it possible for AIS to scale up its streaming or storage capacity when needed, to meet growing demand and support continued subscriber growth. Its software-defined IT infrastructure virtualises the elements of conventional hardware systems, including compute power, storage capacity and networking, and its cluster architecture divides user requests among two or more computer systems for better performance when a large number of requests are received at once.


Beyond structural aspects, this EDS is designed specifically for video, including the storage of large amounts of video at minimal cost to allow unlimited recordings for AIS viewers on any screen from smartphones, tablets and personal computers to set-top boxes.

With dual-site architecture, NEA-DVR is deployed in two different AIS locations to improve the availability and resilience of the system. As a modern, agile OTT delivery method, NEA-DVR is continuously upgradeable and can evolve in line with streaming protocols.

Visut Assawanonthawong, Head of VAS-IPTV Operation & Planning Unit, AIS, said, “With ATEME’s state-of-the art systems now in place, we are able to deliver both live and VOD content to our audiences on any device. The Just-in-Time packaging helps us reduce bandwidth costs and storage requirements without compromising the services we deliver to subscribers.”

Alexandre Arnodin, VP Delivery Solutions, ATEME, said, “Our NEA-CDN storage is a key differentiator from competitors, improving storage density and performance compared to NAS and leading to savings on operational expense and rack space. AIS is now confident that it can scale and keep up with its growing subscriber base and continue to provide both current and prospective customers with high-quality viewing experiences.”