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Magna Systems and virtual studio production developer Zero Density have signed a technology partner agreement that allows Magna to represent Zero Density in the Asia Pacific region.

Magna Systems group sales and marketing manager Paul Maroni said, “Zero Density completes the fourth pillar to our media and entertainment systems in the Asia Pacific. Through Zero Density we can supply virtual studios to complement our studio production systems. Zero Density uses Reality Engine, a real-time node based 3D compositor based on the Unreal Engine, within its real-time broadcast compositing system and an image-based keyer to result in virtual studio environments. Zero Density is also software-based, using COTS-based hardware and complements the Magna Systems portfolio.” 

As virtual production rapidly transforms the art of storytelling and practices for linear media producers, Magna’s new partnership with Zero Density will help shape the future of broadcasting in Asia Pacific by enabling users to deliver comprehensive virtual studio, AR and broadcast graphics automation services.

Magna zero Virtual studio

Magna Systems group CEO Matthew Clemesha said, “Zero Density are a very exciting and innovative company and consequently media producers rely on their virtual production systems. They will make a valuable partner for Magna Systems in the Asia Pacific region where their systems will help to bring the industry toward virtual production.”

Zero Density’s Global Partner Channel Manager Yavuz BAHADIROĞLU said, “We are delighted with our new technology partnership with Magna Systems. They have over 50 years of experience in the Asia Pacific region and an excellent reputation to match. Their clients are top tier as is their standing in the market.”