Imagine nexio newscraft

Imagine Communications is launching Nexio NewsCraft, a new approach to content access, management and multiplatform delivery that suits organisations employing remotely located operators.

Nexio NewsCraft’s tools are unified into a single, automated environment designed for news production, and range from ingest and preparation to playout and delivery over multiple platforms. Based on open standards, Nexio NewsCraft operates directly in hybrid SDI/IP architectures. It interfaces tightly with newsroom computer systems (NRCS) via a MOS interface, and allows access to systems on-premises, in the field or from home.

Integrated, Virtualised Software

For commercial news channels, government broadcasters or public service, delivering news fast is the priority and adds value to the studio’s operations for viewers. The MOS protocol allows newsroom computer systems (NCS) to communicate with video servers, character generators and other devices and software for broadcast production, using a standard protocol. Not only does this make broadcasts more flexible when choosing equipment from different vendors, but also means placing operators in multiple locations across the studio is less necessary – devices can be triggered from a single control workstation.

Nexio NewsCraft incorporates its various components in integrated, virtualised software made for COTS-hosted implementation on premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid architecture. It combines the performance of MOS-enabled Imagine Nexio production servers and IOX shared storage, with the GUI and functionality of the EditShare FLOW media asset management system. The software architecture allows organisations to scale channels and storage, with no system downtime.

Imagine nexio newscraft3

Nexio NewsCraft integrates with standard MOS Newsroom Computer Systems (NRCS).

Software applications can be layered onto the server architecture, giving wider access to content by removing technical or operational constraints wherever journalists access the functionality. Artificial intelligence tools like automated metadata extraction can also be added if necessary to make media assets useful in other contexts.

Built for Speed

As a system built for speed, Nexio NewsCraft enables crash, or unplanned, recording to be started with one button on the control screen. Alternatively, recordings can be scheduled by dropping events into a calendar. Regardless of how content is ingested, material can be played out or edited within a few seconds of a recording. Flexible UIs simplify operators’ tasks in the facility or in remote collaborations.

Proxy files are generated automatically alongside high-resolution ingest. Browse controls in the journalist’s workstation allow basic newsroom tasks like topping and tailing or shotlisting and logging through web user interfaces but, depending on how material will be used, integrations have been made with third-party tools to accommodate different applications.

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Editing with Nexio NewsCraft

EditShare AirFLOW for assembly and FLOW Story for quick turnaround editing are available for manipulating media after ingest, ahead of going to air. If more sophisticated editing is required, Nexio NewsCraft is integrated with Adobe Premiere Pro and Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve. These integrations result in faster access and content flow from ingest to delivery and allow editors to share projects transparently.

For broadcasters already using the Nexio servers, the newsroom functionality can be layered on top. For production companies that need a new way to manage news content, Nexio NewsCraft can be implemented with resources that have been scaled to match the company's operational requirements. Nexio NewsCraft will be available for delivery from July 2021.