Avid cgi openmedia studio ndr

CGI OpenMedia in action at NDR in Germany

Avid’s MediaCentral content platform is now integrated with CGI’s OpenMedia, a complete workflow system for journalists. Added to the existing AP ENPS and Octopus integrations, this now makes integration available for three major newsroom computer systems (NRCS).

The core OpenMedia newsroom system’s functionality includes searching agency wires, scheduling broadcasts, managing video and audio clips and writing and distributing news stories, and supports collaboration. In a typical newsroom today, journalists need to work independently with large amounts of information. With OpenMedia, which is also open to integration, this information can be effectively researched, structured and planned. The system focusses on a theme- or story-oriented approach that allows TV, radio and online journalists to share topics and contributions across platforms for greater efficiency.

Faster Workflows and Remote Collaboration

Avid CGI OpenMedia

Support for other third-party NRCS means production teams can take further advantage of MediaCentral, including the ability to collaborate remotely, speed up workflows and produce content faster for outlets without having to change their newsroom system. By regularly supplementing the systems they already use, teams have the opportunity to become more efficient, even when they are required to respond to changing production needs.

MediaCentral gives access to all media in one place, and allows users to view it directly from within their existng NRCS. Without switching applications or machines, editors can view rushes, edited sequences or cut complex sequences including multiple video and audio tracks, voice overs and transition effects. A new MediaCentral Cloud UX workflow panel is made available inside the native NRCS.

Familiar Interface

MediaCentral’s search functionality helps teams find specific content for stories when they need it, and use Media Composer video editing tools to produce content – but without leaving their familiar NRCS interface. Multiplatform distribution capabilities make it possible to deliver stories to followers and viewers faster, while gaining access to a newsroom system that scales as demand for content grows.

Avid CGI OpenMedia integration

As well as NCRS, MediaCentral directly integrates with the Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro NLEs so that editors on those systems can collaborate, search, browse and access their MediaCentral-managed content – again, without leaving their own application window.

MediaCentral enables up to six newsroom and production sites to connect and share content as if they were all working together in the same facility. Sister stations and other affiliates, for example, can combine resources, search and play media across multiple sites, create stories and access rundowns and scripts regardless of where teams and assets are located. www.avid.com