Pebble Remote camera

Pebble has developed new configurations and a new brand for its remote management and monitoring tool used to control Pebble automation and integrated channel deployments.
It has become more important for broadcasters and service providers to have secure, remote access to their playout environment, especially when systems may comprise multiple channels across several playout sites and in cloud deployments. Formerly known as Lighthouse, now renamed Pebble Remote, the software was made for users to securely monitor, manage and control channels from inside or outside the normal transmission environment.

Built with configurable web-based dashboards, Pebble Remote can give a complete overview of impending issues across the entire system. Users are able to respond, faster and with more agility, by configuring widgets and grouping them together on dashboards. The dashboards can then be shared between users and groups of users, and also be displayed as a wallboard instead of taking up space in the browser for optimised delivery to a multiviewer.

Pebble RemoteFinalDiagram

Pebble Remote’s Channel Controller (see image below) displays a grid view of the Pebble Automation playlist, with the ability to make simple edits and manipulate a specified channel. New playlists can be created, and events can be added and re-ordered within existing playlists.

Media management functionality includes a Media Inventory with an editable view of the media metadata from all connected Pebble Automation systems and side-by-side comparison of metadata from multiple systems. Users also have resource management with automated allocations and, due to integration with Adobe After Effects, pre-render workflows for graphics production.

Pebble Remote suits business continuity applications, allowing a single operator to oversee automatic playlist synchronisation between geographically separate systems. Deployments include robust security that includes HTTPS support with TLS encryption, protection against brute force password and username attacks, and secure password hashing.

Pebble Remote

Channel Controller
“Remote access is now considered a priority in new project planning and for expansions to existing systems,” said Mat Shell, Head of Sales at Pebble. “In recent months our user base has been using Pebble Remote to establish continuity of operation by setting up flexible working scenarios during a series of lockdowns and, at times, reduced physical access to their playout facilities. Over that period, the benefits of secure remote management and control have been demonstrated numerous times."