Videocraft Andrew James

Videocraft has acquired Digistor and Adimex. The three companies are major supplier-integrators serving the production, post, AV and broadcast industries in Sydney. 

Videocraft director James Taylor said, “I have always admired and respected the way Digistor operates its business. The combined resources and great synergies our companies share, including significant opportunities to scale, will add excellent value for the clients of all three companies. We will also be able to improve the systems and workflows we offer as a much stronger, combined industry player with a solid point of difference – we are independent and Australian-owned.

“We will work together at every possible opportunity to complement each other’s services in the production and media lifecycle. While Videocraft is clearly strong in acquisition, Digistor has expertise in media management and distribution, and we have a crossover in editing solutions. Together, we now present and offer systems as a single supplier with formidable and incredibly experienced in-house engineering and support resources.”

At this time, all compnies will essentially maintain business as usual. Andrew Mooney will stay on as Digistor CEO, and Digistor and Adimex will continue to operate under his day-to-day management.

Andrew said, “This is an exciting opportunity for Digistor staff and customers alike. The combined resources and close collaboration of both entities will enhance the systems, support and level of service we can offer our customers. Digistor will continue to operate as an independent business and I look forward to delivering increased value to our clients as a result of this acquisition. The only changes will be positive ones, where we can all join forces to give customers better, more efficient solutions and ongoing support.”

Working within a competitive, fast-paced industry, James described the wider rationale behind the acquisition. “Businesses need growth to survive and prosper and Videocraft has been continuously looking for any opportunities that will generate that growth. When we assessed our options, it was clear that, by appreciating the quality of Digistor’s brand, its success and the expertise the team brings to market, this acquisition creates a win-win for us, our customers and the market as a whole.”

There is genuine belief within the Videocraft and Digistor teams that together they can become the undisputed market leader for high quality, intelligent solutions in their respective segments.

“We are very excited about starting this collaborative journey,” James said. “I believe that together we are better placed to grow and we see a definite upside across the businesses including distribution, training and support. This includes bringing Digistor’s expertise and products to Videocraft’s customers and supplying Digistor’s customers with sales and rental equipment and broadcast engineering expertise from Videocraft.

“Better access to products and pricing will be available for both businesses and while we have some complementary overlap, the two businesses generally operate in different parts of industry. Moving forward, we will undertake more projects concurrently with our larger team and as such, also see this acquisition creating opportunities for hiring more staff across the board.”

Videocraft’s acquisition of Digistor means the newly combined enterprise will also have better regional coverage and be able compete for bigger deals where more technical resources are required. The independent online presence of Videocraft, Digistor and Adimex will continue to play an important part of all three businesses moving forward.