TAG Techex partner

TAG Video Systems has partnered with cloud and IP video specialist Techex on the development of a scalable, cloud-based video control, monitoring and visualisation system for broadcasting and media companies. Their collaboration combines the Techex tx edge gateway with TAG’s Realtime Media Performance software, integrated into existing environments and capable of transporting video and monitoring streams at each point in the delivery chain. It also features data analysis, and can be accessed through flexible licensing options.

tx edge by Techex is a software gateway built to fit into Infrastructure as Code (IaC) cloud workflows. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) manages and provisions infrastructure through code instead of through manual processes. Under IaC, configuration files are created that contain infrastructure specifications, which makes editing and distributing configurations more straightforward, and means users can set up the same environment every time. Codifying and documenting specifications helps users manage their configurations, and prevent undocumented changes.

By using tx edge to move video into, out of and around the cloud, broadcasters maintain the tight control needed when delivering live video, while also collecting data related to packet arrival times at the protocol level – the layer where TCP/IP routing is implemented.

TAG Techex partner2

TAG’s Realtime Media Performance platform is made up of Multi-Channel Monitoring ( MCM) software and the TAG Media Control System MCS aggregation engine. Integration into this platform enhances tx edge’s ETSI TR 101 290 and IP-level stream analysis and monitoring capabilities, and improves the quality of the system’s content and probing visualisation tools. Together, tx edge and TAG’s platform support and enable flexible migration between various workflows, including hybrid, cloud only or fully on-premises.

The ability of this combination to serve as an all-in-one transport, visualisation, error detection, alerting and multiviewing system illustrates certain advantages of interoperability. The cloud-capable MCM system, for example, visualises content flowing through tx edge instances with continuous, actionable probe monitoring of over 550 events. Ultimately, the complexity of managing video contribution, playout and distribution workflows is reduced.

Both TAG and Techex make perpetual CAPEX and time-based OPEX models available, aiming to accommodate broadcasters’ cloud, hybrid and on-premises requirements. The companies will demonstrate their software at IBC 2023tagvs.com