Bridge Technologies VB440 New Event Logging Capacity PR Final

The event logging capabilities of Bridge Technologies’ VB440 multi-functional production probe have now been upgraded with more extensive network event recording over a longer duration. This improvement allows network engineers to detect changes in signal settings when trying to diagnose intermittent or hidden network issues.

While error logging has been incorporated within the probe for some time, this task requires users to set parameters for inclusion. Sometimes, quite reasonable parameters may be set that still miss mistakes on the network that may not be critical, but would help to diagnose underlying problems, either proactively or retrospectively. Event logging instead records every flow change or event occurrence on the network, no matter how mundane or trivial, and performs this task for the video, audio and ancillary data of any service joined to the VB440. The logging is continuous, and able to maintain logs of up to 2,000 events each.

The new event logging capacity extends the primary purpose of the VB440 – to take complex data and make it accessible, easy to understand and usable. In this case, the functionality applies to network diagnostics and maintenance, facilitating detailed examination of service incoherence in order to identify complex errors that might otherwise go undetected or unsolved. The ability to monitor events and errors over time also helps those in upper management positions to make decisions about maintenance schedules and investment.

Bridge VB440Side

While network diagnostics represents one way in which Bridge uses the VB440’s analytical capabilities to make data accessible and useful, network engineers also have a wide range of deep network analytics to support network health and operation monitoring. The probe also aids producers, camera shaders and audio technicians through the integration of modern audio metering and listening techniques and a range of full waveform and vector colorimetry – the use of signals that can be associated with colour space coordinates – including HDR preview.

The VB440’s visual previews show the actual output covering a full range of resolutions in both compressed and uncompressed formats, including JPEG-XS. The probe can also engage in signal generation to aid the set-up of remote studios. Through the integration of this comprehensive line-up of features, the VB440 helps avoid relying on single-purpose equipment that could occupy as many as 30 rack unit spaces.

Chairman of Bridge Technologies Simen Frostad said, “In broadcasting environments focussed on complex, distributed and often live production, undetected micro-errors can quickly add up to a much bigger issue, eventually resulting in disastrous network failure. Given how competitive the broadcast market is now, and how demanding it is in terms of content quality, this is a risk that production companies cannot afford.

“The event logging ability of the VB440 gives engineers insights they need to engage not only in quicker and more effective trouble-shooting and diagnosis when something does go wrong, but also a much improved chance of catching errors in advance.” Bridge Technologies will show the new VB440 event logging capacity at IBC2023.