The new Chyron Weather 2.0 simplifies data-driven weather visualisation with a clearer UI, CAMIO newsroom integration, secure data retrieval and better support for data sources.

Chyron Weather Five Day

The new Chyron Weather 2.0 platform aims to simplify data-driven weather visualisation through the use of map-based graphics, custom forecast elements, dynamic global analysis and realistic 3D panoramas. Supporting users with graphic design and live presentation tools, among the new features for version 2.0 are a dark look UI, CAMIO newsroom integration, secure data retrieval and support for the new versions of Windows.

Chyron Weather 2.0’s specialised tools support key aspects of weather storytelling, from setting up data flows and connectivity and graphic design, to on-air presentation, real-time playout and render management. Fully data-driven weather graphics are an effective way to rapidly move the latest forecast to air, but their design and look needs to be appropriate to the task and contribute to accurate delivery.

Chyron Weather 2.0 helps users create detailed, varied weather visualisations from public meteorological data sources or private weather data providers – point data, file-based satellite/radar data, and GRIB file meteorological data – using visual scripting tools to manipulate the data as needed to suit specific presentation requirements. The design tools can be used to customise the look of weather visualisations, or create dynamic custom forecast graphics and charts based on selected data.

Chyron graphics flexibility2

With a central hub for managing real-time playout and rapid rendering across multiple servers, Chyron Weather intelligently delivers content across on-air, web and social media channels through automated workflows.

Chyron Weather’s Presenter now has a straightforward building-block interface that gives users simple, recognisable tools for preparing and presenting live to air. After dragging and dropping various scene types into the playlist interface, users can assemble a show and use a timeline-based editor to customise and apply precise, keyframe animations and forecast effects over weather graphics. Finally, the show can be taken live on-air with predictable trigger control or automated playout timing.

Integrating Chyron Weather 2.0 with Chyron’s CAMIO newsroom graphics management system results in a straightforward workflow for managing and introducing weather content into day-to-day news programming. From the familiar CAMIO newsroom computer system [NRCS], a journalist or producer can access a full library of their station’s branded weather graphics templates, select regions of interest, customise forecast displays, see a preview of the asset, and add the data-powered graphic to their show rundown.

Chyron Weather Presenter

When it’s time to go on-air, Chyron Weather generates the requested graphic and delivers it for playout. Driving customisable weather content from the newsroom makes it more convenient for presenters and journalists to bring meteorological information into day-to-day news programs.

Chyron Weather 2.0 makes access to and retrieval of connected meteorological data more secure within the Chyron Weather Platform. Through its new support for Secure File Transfer Protocol (sFTP), encrypted communications and server-client authentication are now part of the workflow. Further to security, a new API-request node functionality gives users the opportunity to pull data sets into their production directly from weather data provider’ APIs.