RÚV will upgrade its server platform to software-based Avid | Stream IO for production ingest and playout of news, sports and live TV content, integrated with their MediaCentral workflows.

Avid stream io define ingest playout comb

Configuring ingest and playout combinations

Iceland's national public-service broadcaster, RÚV, broadcasts linear and non-linear TV and radio across the country. RÚV’s team had been producing content and operating for some time through an Avid MediaCentral production environment and recently needed to replace their legacy servers. At the same time, they wanted to upgrade their systems with the ability to ingest and play out both standard HD and higher quality resolutions as AVC Intra, including 1080p50.

Consequently, Avid has signed a multi-year subscription agreement with RÚV to upgrade its server platform to Avid | Stream IO, a modern, software-based system for production ingest and playout of news, sports, live entertainment and other TV content.

RÚV Chief Technology Officer Bragi Reynisson said, “Upgrading to Avid | Stream IO was a straightforward decision for us, not only because it adds to and integrates with our overall Avid production environment. Avid | Stream IO will also give us deployment flexibility, speed and adaptable media format support, and supports our strategy to virtualise as much of our infrastructure as possible into our private cloud.”

Avid mediaCentral acquire

Avid | MediaCentral acquisition

The new system has flexible server architecture that can be configured to ingest or play out IP streams and SDI streams as required, which means that RÚV’s production teams will be able to use Avid | Stream IO to migrate from legacy workflows and on-premises deployment, to cloud and IP workflows within a time frame and at a pace that suits their team. It will also allow them to increase efficiency by combining different ingest sources into a single configuration. 

Suited for live entertainment and multi-camera productions, Avid | Stream IO supports the common production protocols, including SDI. Compressed IP streams SRT / RTMP are coming soon, while NDI and then SMPTE 2110 will follow later next year. Essentially an upgrade product, Avid | Stream IO includes the capabilities of Avid’s existing hardware-based servers – AirSpeed and FastServe – while expanding support for emerging IP standards and higher-precision formats like 4K and HDR.  

Avid | Stream IO also supports Avid’s production and broadcast workflows through its close integration with Avid | MediaCentral workflow platform and software – MediaCentral | Capture, MediaCentral | Acquire, MediaCentral | Command. RUV’s existing MediaCentral subscription agreement remains intact, and their team can avoid disrupting news, sports and live content production.


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