Yoshimoto achieves low-latency intercom and video transmission between Tokyo and Osaka using Matrox Monarch EDGE S1, making collaborative editing between regions more effective.


Entertainment and media production company Yoshimoto Broad Entertainment (Yoshimoto) in Japan specialises in planning, producing and filming TV programs using cloud-based video software. The company collaborates with major TV stations and program production companies in Osaka and Tokyo, producing content remotely.

Recording narration is also a key element of some of this programming. In order to improve their collaboration between the recording booth in Osaka and the control room in Tokyo, Yoshimoto looked for a system that would support remote narration, collaborative editing and previewing.

With the simultaneous encoding and decoding capabilities in the Matrox Monarch EDGE S1, the company has an efficient way to overcome their challenges, as well as facilitate bidirectional communication. The Monarch EDGE S1 model was specifically chosen due to its compatibility with intercom and tally systems, which are crucial tools in the production workflow. Implementing it brought other advantages as well, including the ability to set up a CUE light for narration recording.

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In particular for remote narration, one of Yoshimoto’s main hurdles was simply finding a system compatible with tally and talkback functionality. An intercom system allows direct communication between physically distanced teams, and a tally system gives visual cues indicating when narration is being recorded. These features are essential for maintaining synchronisation during remote narration production.

Another requirement was robust video transport to facilitate efficient remote collaborative editing. The system they chose had to ensure reliable transmission of video files over the internet, enabling editors to work on the same project simultaneously and in real-time. It needed to support low-latency communication, allowing editors to view and edit the content without experiencing significant delays.

Yoshimoto also needed a reliable method of remotely previewing their content through CDNs while maintaining a high-quality video image. This factor would be crucial for ensuring the accuracy, visual aesthetics and overall quality of their productions before finalising and delivering the finished content. They required encoding and decoding that would preserve video fidelity, resolution and clarity across different devices and network conditions.

Revitalising Regional Content Production

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Using the Monarch EDGE S1, Yoshimoto has achieved low-latency intercom and video transmission between Tokyo and Osaka, making collaborative editing work more successful. Editors in Osaka and title designers in Tokyo, for example, can work together effectively, producing more in less time. With the intention of revitalising regional content production through better collaboration, Yoshimoto will continue its efforts to increase the efficiency of work between Tokyo and Osaka, as well as with other creators living in different regions.

According to Teruhiko Naota, Chief Producer at Yoshimoto, “Bidirectional sound communication using the Monarch EDGE S1 went far beyond the abilities of other tools such as general web conferencing services, ensuring smooth interactive communication.” The company also plans to make use of the Monarch EDGE S1 with related equipment to create a wide range of works for the Expo 2025 in Osaka, showing the capabilities and advantages of remote production.  video.matrox.com