The new Viz Pilot Edge 3.0 user interface improves navigation with features written in modern JavaScript scripting, and adds centralised order management and Viz Arc control for graphics.

VizPE 3 interface

New Viz Pilot Edge 3.0 UI

The new Viz Pilot Edge 3.0 user interface improves navigation for newsroom users and features functionality written using modern web languages Vue and TypeScript, which are both based on JavaScript scripting for web development. The result is more accessible and responsive than the previous version, with a faster start-up time.

As part of the newsroom environment where users create, manage and deliver content to broadcast productions, Viz Pilot Edge is used to populate templates with content and store them as data elements, which can be saved to the database. The data elements can then be put into the newsroom system’s rundown, monitored and played out. Viz Pilot Edge can also be used as a Graphics Plugin user interface in NLE workflows, and integrates with the major newsroom systems such as Dalet, ENPS, iNews, Octopus, OpenMedia and others.

Viz pilot edge 3 crowd

Video content – graphics templates, data and library elements and media assets – is searched by keywords, and journalists edit the material on a timeline while adding and manipulating graphics. All graphics, and videos with graphics, can be previewed in real time.


Although Viz Pilot Edge 3 is built to still feel familiar to users, the layout has been optimised for different screen sizes, promoting speed and agility, and simplified so users can focus on creating graphics.

Regarding navigation, the new design is smoother and makes it easier to locate templates and elements, with dropdowns and tabs for faster access to regularly used features. The search function now contains multiple tag filtering for narrowing down search results. The preview window can also be undocked, which is useful when working with complex multi-field templates.  

Viz pilot edge 3 election

The interface update comes with the ability to drag and drop multiple elements into a story slug. Radio buttons for single-option responses are now added to templates, crop functionality is improved and users can edit tables faster. Live data input is now enhanced as well with RSS feed support. 

Centralised Order Management 

The integration of Mayam Order Management software makes requesting and managing images easier and less manual. Journalists only need to set up their templates with the relevant text and/or data and send an order directly to the organisation’s creative department via Viz Pilot Edge. The templates are then returned complete with the requested media. This new process also includes an overview of the media orders to make the process transparent and efficient to manage.

Viz pilot edge 3 weather

Incorporating AR or VR elements into an automated rundown has been simplified through the ability to host the Viz Arc MOS plugin. Users can create AR/VR graphics as Viz Arc MOS elements through the Viz Pilot Edge Newsroom plugin and control the graphics in one unified interface, triggering single Viz Arc actions with a studio automation application like Viz Mosart. 

Despite the changes to the interface, users’ Viz Pilot workflows are not disrupted. Any templates created in previous versions will continue to work as before.