Grass Valley LDX 82 Cameras Record All HD Formats in 15 F-Stop HDR

Grass valley LDX82

The Grass Valley LDX 82 cameras are unusual as a series of native HD-only cameras with an extended colour gamut supporting ITU-R BT.2020 and operation across a high dynamic range of 15 F-stops.

It comprises four upgradable camera models with levels of operation that suit different types of projects. The cameras are built with the Xensium-FT CMOS sensor and record in all HD formats, including 1080p, with high sensitivity and all of them have the same wide colour gamut. The Grass Valley XDR, Extended Dynamic Range operation - HDR with 15 F-stops - is available for 50/59.94 Hz formats. Grass Valley is demonstrating the LDX 82 Series cameras at NAB 2017.

LDX 82 Flex is made for single format 1080i or 720p acquisition, where only minor artistic adjustment is required. It is also possible to upgrade the LDX 82 Flex to any other camera in the LDX 82 Series.

LDX 82 Première can switch between 1080i and 720p, and has the Contour Equalizer that allows the user to independently adjust the sharpness in the shadows, mid-tones and highlights. From this model, you can upgrade to the LDX 82 Elite or WorldCam to add 1080PsF and then 3G, respectively.

LDX 82 Elite can move from 1080i, to 720p to 1080PsF recording, useful in most live applications from sports to scripted productions. It also uses PowerCurves for shooting in less than ideal conditions and Color Protect, which helps correct lighting problems. When needed, you can upgrade to the LDX 82 WorldCam adding 3G production formats for acquisition.

LDX 82 WorldCam incorporates the functionality of the LDX 82 Elite plus 1080p, and enables 1080p productions that have normally required major investments in extra lighting or involved compromises in image quality. The LDX 82 WorldCam is available as either a 7-day or a perpetual GV-eLicense upgrade from any other LDX 82 Series camera, with single or multiple licenses.