Canon's 4K Broadcast Lenses Combine High Zoom Ratios and Compact Size

Canon CJ45ex13.6B 2

Canon CJ45ex13.6B 4K broadcast 45x zoom.

Canon's two new portable 4K broadcast lenses the CJ45ex9.7B and CJ45ex13.6B, are compatible with 4K broadcast cameras built with 2/3-inch sensors. Both achieve high 45x zoom ratios and have long focal lengths, and suit broadcasts of events such as sports and concerts, with frequent opportunities for wide-angle and super-telephoto shooting.
The  CJ45ex9.7B has a focal length range of 9.7 mm to 437 mm, and the CJ45ex13.6B, with focal range of 13.6 mm to 612 mm, is especially useful for mid-size broadcast vans and surveillance applications.

Canon CJ45ex9.7B 6

CJ45ex9.7B lens positioning
For more demanding applications, both lenses use a built-in 2x extender that shifts the entire focal length range towards the telephoto end, increasing the maximum focal length of the CJ45ex9.7B to 874 mm and the CJ45ex13.6B to 1224 mm.
Canon's proprietary optical design for these lenses optimises the lens positioning and makes use of fluorite, Ultra-low Dispersion (UD) glass and other materials chosen for the quality of their 4K optical performance, from the centre of the imaging field to the periphery across the entire zoom range. These characteristics make high-resolution 4K shooting possible when the images must vary from close-up shots of subjects out to wide shots and panoramic views of entire venues and locations.

Canon CJ45ex9.7B 3

CJ45ex9.7B for broadcast

As well as the high zoom ratios, long focal lengths and performance supporting use with 4K broadcast cameras, the new lenses' compact, lightweight designs are comparable to HD super telephoto lenses, to maintain the manoeuvrability needed for broadcast use.
The CJ45ex9.7B will be available from April 2018 and the CJ45ex13.6B from May 2018. Prices are still to be set.

Canon CJ45ex13.6B 3

Canon CJ45ex13.6B